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Live Roulette Now the Most Played Online Casino Game

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With hundreds of different casino games offered to you at all online casinos, some of them often get overlooked by players. However, by far and away the most popular games can be found on the live gaming platforms, and it is the age-old game of Roulette which players love the most.

When playing that game you see, via a live video stream, all aspects of the game unfolding, and once you have placed your wagers onto the betting layout, and the Croupier announces “no more bets” he or she will then send the ball into live play.

There are several different variants of live Roulette available, and today I will give you an insight into just which ones you are going to be best off playing and the ones you will be best advised to avoid.

If you do fancy giving any of these great playing and potentially huge paying Roulette games a try, then you will always find the best rated casinos over on the sister casino guide website, so do check it out.

Forget Playing American Roulette Online

Any variant of Roulette is only ever going to be appealing to players as its house edge dictates, and you really do need to understand the mathematics of that game to have any idea of just which variants to avoid playing.

One game which savvy players will always avoid, irrespective of whether they find it available online, in a land-based casino or when playing via a casino app is American Roulette.

However, be aware that some casinos only have that variant on offer, and there is a reason why that is the case, and that reason is due to the fact the design of the game and its respective paybacks are designed in such a way that casino operators earn much higher income from that game.

Due to the simple fact there is both a single zero in addition to a double zero on the wheel, that increases the house edge and therefore the casinos profit level from that game, over the long term to 5.26% when compared to a standard single zero variant, which boasts a house edge of just 2.70%.

So become a savvy gambler when playing Roulette and make a point of only ever playing the games offering the lowest possible house edge, your bankroll will thank you for taking that decision in the long term.

French Roulette is Perfect for Even Money Wagers

You will, of course, tend to use your own playing strategy when giving games such as Roulette a try, and you may place straight up bets in the hope that your chosen number spins in and you benefit from the high payouts associated with such wagers.

However, if you tend to play a little more conservatively and only place bets on the even money paying betting positions, such as Red or Black, High or Low or Odd or Even, then you really do need to track down a French Roulette live casino game variant.

The house edge on those even money paying bets on those variants  is just 1.35%, and that is due to the way the game play rules dictate what happens when a zero is spun in.

Some French Roulette games require the Croupier to pay back half of your stakes on even money paying betting locations when a zero has been spun in, whilst some others see those losing wagers stay in play for the next spin or if zero spins in again, they stay there until zero hasn’t spun in, thus giving you an additional chance of winning.

Dragon Fire Roulette

Look out for games such as Dragon Fire Roulette and similar variants for whilst a straight up number bet pays less than the standard payout, if one of the randomly selected numbers is spun in, and you have placed a wager on it, then your payouts are boosted, and can be as high as 200 times your stake.

A fantastic variant to play when you fancy taking a few additional risks, for when those Dragon Fire numbers do start to spin in, and you have bet on them, great fortunes can be won in a small amount of time.

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