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Insider launches Financing a Sustainable Future editorial series with Bank of America

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The special series spotlights the role of sustainable finance in society, how it can address the aims of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, tackle climate change and inclusive social development

Insider announced a new editorial feature series, Financing a Sustainable Future. It will spotlight how sustainable finance can scale the environmental transition and accelerate social opportunities. The series will explore the critical need to create a healthier and more equitable future for all and how through the collective efforts of non-profits, governments, public and private sectors, and our communities, we can scale capital to effect positive change and support a more sustainable economy.

This innovative editorial hub is created with Bank of America, which has a long-standing commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainable finance. Its $1.5 trillion by 2030 sustainable finance goal is helping to advance the environmental transition and supports inclusive social development.

The Financing a Sustainable Future series will address sustainable finance topics along with four major themes, all of which align with those proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF):

(1) “People,” reflecting a company’s equity and its treatment of employees; (2) “Planet,” covering the impact on the environment; (3) “Prosperity,” examining the impact of corporations on the well-being of their communities; and (4) “Principles of Governance,” suggesting ways and tools measure a company’s purpose and behavior to ensure corporate accountability.

“Our goal is to shine a light on the need for organizations and their leadership to take seriously environmental and social challenges impacting the planet, and not just with symbolic gestures but through rigorous efforts that are transparent and measurable,” said Matt Turner, Executive Editor of Insider. “Now more than ever, transitioning to a sustainable economy is a priority around the globe, and we’re proud to highlight the issues, the challenges, and the opportunities.”

“The collaboration with Insider brings forward how sustainable finance on a global scale can help accelerate the environmental transition to a low-carbon future through new technologies and innovation while advancing societal goals of inclusion and equity,” said Karen Fang, Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at Bank of America. “The private sector has an important role to play, and Bank of America is mobilizing a significant amount of capital with our clients and partners to address some of the toughest and most urgent global development challenges we face today, including climate change.”

To help shape the editorial focus of the new platform and identify its most critical themes and stories, Insider has convened an editorial advisory council of prestigious leaders in the fields of sustainability, business, and finance.

Council members will contribute thought-leadership articles that will run alongside editorial stories and will participate in the series of 4 virtual events that will also be included, aligned with each pillar. All of the content from the council members and Insider’s writer of the series will be available on an editorial hub. The hub will also feature articles from Bank of America discussing how it’s marshaling its resources to finance transformation found on

Council members include:

  • Karen Fang, Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Bank of America
  • Eunice Heath, Corporate Director of Sustainability, Dow
  • Bob Holycross, Vice President, Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering, at Ford Motor Company
  • Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys
  • Kathleen McLaughlin, Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart Inc., and President of the Walmart Foundation
  • Sophia Mendelsohn, Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of ESG, Cognizant
  • Caroline Roan, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Health & Social Impact, Pfizer
  • Durreen Shahnaz, Founder & CEO, Impact Investment Exchange, and Impact Investment Exchange Foundation
  • Megan Starr, Global Head of Impact, Carlyle
  • Jennifer Steinmann, Global Climate and Sustainability Marketplace Leader, Deloitte
  • Evan van Hook, Chief Sustainability Officer, Honeywell
  • Martin Whittaker, CEO, JUST Capital

Source: Bank of America

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