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How to Install a Tire on a Rim By Hand

How to Install a Tire on a Rim By Hand

As someone who likes biking, the knowledge and understanding of installing tires on a rim by hands without the aid of too many tools are pretty much essential. That way, you wouldn’t have to rely on someone else every time you get a flat or need to install a new tire. This skill would actually be very helpful if you are someone who rides a bike very often- more so if you take off-road trips now and then on your bike.

In this article, we discuss how you can install a tire on a rim just using your hands and without much external aid. We’ve tried to make the steps as simple and easy to understand as possible. For the purpose of this article, we will only be discussing bicycle tire installation. For understanding about installing heavier models, you can read the installation process of travelstar ecopath at and similar tires.

Steps to remove old tires and tubes from the rim

  • Given that tire beads would be snugly and tightly fit with the rim, you might face a bit of difficulty to start off with tire removal. Here’s the best way to do it.
  • First of all, deflate the tire completely. Any bit of aid in the tube or tire would mean more difficulty for you to remove the tire. To make sure the tire gets completely deflated, press down the tire while you deflate it.
  • Place the tire convenient in front of you or on your lap and push the tire bead (start at a spot on the top) to the center of the rim to loosen the tire out.
  • Once the first side is done, flip and push the opposite side of the bead on the same spot to the center of the rim.
  • Holding them out, place the first lever under the bead (outer side) of the tire and pop up the edge to release it from the frame. You need to keep the other end of the lever hooked on to the wheel spoke so the edge remained popped out.
  • Now place the second level a few inches from the first lever and start moving it clockwise around the tire, pressing the tire up. This should loosen up that side of the tire from the rim. In case any part of the side is left, repeat the same. Once it is loosened up, you can plunge the finger in and pull out the tube.

Steps to install a bike tire on the rim by yourself

  • In order to install the new tires on the rim, first, keep the tires in sync with the wheel, make sure the tread is aligned in the same direction.
  • When installing tires, we’ll be working bottom-up- not that you can do otherwise, just it would be more convenient for you to work with. Place the tire beads on the rim and tuck in the beads snugly. Loosely fit a side of the tire to the rim.
  • Inflate the tube just a bit so it can find the shape and then start tucking in the tube into the tire. Make sure you install the tube’s air valve adjacent to the spot mentioning the pressure regulations recommended. Insert the tube’s valve into the valve hole of the wheel/ rim.
  • Start fitting the other side of the tire. Avoid using the lever as far as possible to avoid any chance of puncturing the tube. Since the tube is somewhat inflated, it could get punctured easily.
  • Working the same way up to half of the wheel should be easy. As you work upwards, you’ll find the tire getting tighter and harder to fit. If you reach a point where you are unable to fit the bead in without the help of a tool, you can use the lever’s opposite side to push the tightest part in. Just that, you’ll have to be extra careful when you do that.
  • An alternate to tuck the tightest part of the bead in would be the roll it up, gently stretching and twisting, until it finally slides over the rim. You can hold it tight using your left hand while you roll and tuck using your right hand.
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