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7 Reasons to Visit UAE During Winter Season

7 Reasons to Visit UAE During Winter Season

Have you ever wondered why everyone you know keeps telling you to visit UAE during the winter season? It probably has something to do with the fact that the city takes on a whole new image during winter!

Dubai residents spend much of the year looking forward to the onset of the winter season. Those three months are the most anticipated months of the year. Unlike other months of the year, UAE in winter has a pleasant climate and is less humid, making it a fun destination.

1. Shop Until You Can’t Shop Anymore

Dubai is the ultimate travel destination for shopaholics who are always looking for great deals. It currently serves as home to The Dubai Mall, which is the biggest shopping mall in the world. And this is in addition to other attractive malls located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Apart from hosting the largest aquarium globally, The Dubai Mall has 1,200 shops where shoppers can shop using a coupon code. The mall also has a dancing fountain and offers excellent views of the city.

2. The Temperatures Are More Bearable

Most Dubai residents complain about unbearable temperatures close to ten times each day during the warm summer months. The temperature can rise to around 122®F (50®C), forcing people to resort to online shopping instead of visiting the malls.

For those who dare to venture outside, they cannot go for long without rehydrating. The winter season is beloved as the temperatures are bearable and are a delight to the residents. Visitors and residents will find any excuse to venture outside to use their shopping voucher codes.

3. Exploring the Dubai Global Village

The Dubai Global Village is a leading festival park known to host a series of events every year from October to the beginning of April. Events are held at this time as this is when the country experiences a drop in temperature.

Schedule a visit to the park if you are in Dubai during the winter season. You can use your online coupons to attend any of the numerous festivals planned for this period. Visitors have access to a ton of cultural, shopping, and entertainment-related activities to enjoy.

The festivities taking place at the Global Village attract visitors from different parts of the world. Some tourists have even been known to plan their travel during this period to ensure they will not miss out on these yearly festivities.

4. Dubai Parks and Outdoor Activities

The winter season is the right time to explore the various outdoor activities and parks in Dubai. Travel companies offer great deals on vacation and tourist packages to individuals looking to visit Dubai during the winter. While there, try to explore its different sides, which include:

a) Al Seef

It’s popularly known as the place where the old meets with the new. Al Seef is located at the Dubai Creek, on its western bank. It’s a place where traditional architecture gets to blend with modern architecture, making it a top tourist destination.

Use your coupon code to catch boat tours or take a walk along the western bank as you stroll the tourist shops.

b) La Mer

La Mer is a beachfront venue you can visit in any season. It’s the perfect place to visit when you want to enjoy the street vibes and wander from place to place. While here, you can visit the Roxy Cinemas, experience the Laguna Waterpark, or an al fresco dining experience.

c) Quranic Park

The park is the latest installation made by the Dubai Municipality. Located in Al Khawaneej, the beautifully laid out park covers sixty acres and is open to people of all faiths. The municipality dedicated the park to the Holy Quran.

5. Winter is Beach Season

People around the world get delighted when beach season arrives. It’s a time to enjoy the seawater and tan by the beachside. But unlike other beach seasons around the globe, the season in Dubai comes by during the winter season.
If you think about it, this makes sense as it’s normally too hot to venture outside during the summer. Residents spend the better part of the three months working towards getting a perfect tan.

International travelers looking for a winter destination that doesn’t require them to wear gloves and heavy coats should seriously consider visiting Dubai. Imagine spending the entire winter season in a pair of swimming trunks!

6. Water Sports and Water Parks in Dubai During Winter

You are probably wondering how cold the seawater in Dubai gets during the winter season. For those that have always wanted to go for a swim in the Arabian Gulf, you should note that the water temperatures tend to drop to as low as 73F (22®C). And mind you, these temperatures are recorded in the middle of the season. Residents accustomed to high desert temperatures may complain these temperatures are too low, but this is often a welcome relief for visitors from Europe.

Dubai Waterparks: The waterparks operate for the better part of the year, but they may close down for two weeks at the height of the winter season. You may want to check their closure dates before you travel to the city.

Resort Swimming Pools: These are likely to remain open even during the coldest days as the pools are temperature controlled. Don’t be surprised to find them heated during the cold winter days.

7. The Best Events Occur During this Period

No other city in the world is as prominent on events as Dubai. Events held during this period can focus on food, fitness, music, or fashion. While there is always an event occurring in the city, the largest and fanciest events occur during winter. Some of these include concerts and the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship held at the beginning of each year. Dubai is also known for its New Year’s festivities. There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai at any time of the year, even when it’s cold outside.

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