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How to Bet on the NFL: Best Betting Guide for Beginners


With the National Football League (NFL) being one of the most popular sports in the entirety of the United States of America, it probably does not come as a surprise that so many are now looking to make the most of the sports betting opportunities that are available to punters.

Of course, the decision by a number of states to relax any restrictions that they once had on iGaming activities such as sports betting has encouraged fans who love the sport and live in the regions that have permitted online wagering to take place, which is why there is perhaps a need for many to know what to expect and how to enjoy a successful gambling experience.

Thankfully, betting on the NFL is one of the easiest sports to be able to wager on, with a number of available markets that can be utilized to help further enhance the overall experience, including a number of different props that can be wagered on, as well. Let’s take a look at the basics:

Popular betting markets

Users of the best Indiana sports betting app available to download and use at the moment will be instantly provided to some of the ultimate betting markets that can be utilized when an NFL fixture is scheduled to take place.

One of the most popular and common bet types available is the ‘Moneyline’ market, with this being the available bet that allows punters to simply try and choose who the winner of the contest will be. It should, though, be noted that the bet does also remain active when a game goes to overtime and a winner is decided. However, if the game has been tied even after overtime, then the moneyline bet will be returned.

Another of the most common and perhaps one of the most popular markets for American football is the points spread bet. This is where punters will be looking to bet on a winner but will see a handicap method be implemented. For instance, one example would be to see the favorites for the contest to be provided with a handicap which is a negative number, whilst the underdogs will be provided with a positive number. This type of bet has been made popular because it provides bettors with the opportunity to back the favorite at better odds, although there is a greater risk attached to it.

Lastly, a popular bet that has been enjoyed by a number of NFL bettors over the years is the points totals market. This is where punters will place a wager on whether the total points scored in the game will be higher or lower than the number that has been set by the sportsbook being used.

What are other popular NFL sports bets?

Whilst we outlined many of the major and most common types of sports bets available in regard to picking the overall result, there are a number of different prop bets that can be placed when the NFL takes place, as each fixture will provide a number of different opportunities to potentially win.

For instance, punters are able to place a bet on a number of ‘Futures’ that are available. Markets that can typically be found within this category will include things such as betting on the overall Super Bowl winner, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) or even placing wagers on the NFL Conference or even the NFL Divisional Champions.

Furthermore, each individual game will feature a number of different prop bets, including those that are based on the statistics of certain players, such as betting on the number of touchdowns an individual will score, or how many rushing yards a player will be able to achieve within a contest.

Live betting available for NFL

As with almost every single competitive sport that takes place around the world, bettors are able to participate in live betting when the action takes place on the gridiron. The markets on offer will be provided with continually changing odds as the prices offered will be reflective of the game, so they may be different to what was available before the fixture took place.

However, one of the biggest benefits that could be experienced when placing a wager on the action live is that some of the odds could be more profitable, whilst trends within a game could be spotted which may not have been predictable at the start.

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