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Global Family Day – What’s It?

Global Family Day

According to the United Nations website, Global Family Day is a day “marking the importance of having quality time with family and friends.” One such example of spending this day is by making dinner together or spending time doing things you enjoy. It does not have to be anything elaborate, just spending time with one another and enjoying each other’s company will suffice.

For brands, Global Family day represents an opportunity to reach out and appeal to their customers with the goal of personalizing brand experiences.

What Can Brands Do?

Brands can take a similar approach. How? By appealing to their customers with the goal of personalizing brand experiences by taking into account what is important in one’s life and family, beyond just running ads or promotions that are all about discounts on products. This involves tapping into some very human elements such as language, emotions, and values.

Let’s take a closer look at why this is the case. We all deal with our own language. Cultural differences in society tend to make us feel isolated from others; we are more likely to relate better when we understand what matters most for each individual or group.

Brands, in turn, should be more sensitive to this human aspect. The ability to connect with the individual is very important; it’s not enough these days just having ads that promote your products and services without really understanding what means something specific for each of us (our language). It’s like talking to someone in a language they don’t understand.

One of the most successful campaigns was the “Emoji Nation” campaign for McDonald’s, which featured emojis on the packaging and encouraged users to personalize it through their smartphones by uploading an emoji image themselves; this way they could get people to self-express through the brand, which was an important part of this campaign.

Creating a global movement with people across borders to commemorate something as significant for each specific culture is another aspect that brands should take into account when celebrating Global Family Day; make sure your message or promotion has real meaning and can be shared across borders.

It’s a given that brands need to be sensitive and appeal to this human side, but what else can they do? The goal of Global Family Day is about being together, which includes being with those who mean the most in your life, so why not create something for people you care deeply about.

What’s the most important element in a family relationship? A sense of belonging and being connected. How can you help people feel more connected to each other with your brand, products, or services? One way is through technology; mobile apps have been used as an example because they are so easy for us all to use, whether on our phones or tablets. In this case, brands should consider how they would build something that makes their customers’ lives easier — not just offering discounts but rather creating innovative ways to simplify everyday activities such as ordering food at home using one-click buttons instead of having multiple steps involved when calling up customer service representatives during meal times. This could be done by adding special features like face recognition detection software which automatically places orders while allowing users to input personal preferences about what meals should include (iPi Pizza). The possibilities here are endless!

Another great idea is sending greeting cards via augmented reality, where animating characters appear in real-world environments based on smartphone GPS location clues (Noor).

As seen below these types of campaigns encourage interaction between individuals across borders who may otherwise never meet even though speaking different languages:

Why Should Brands Care About Family Day?

We live in an ever-changing world where families are no longer based on blood ties but rather relationships that you build with others. A few centuries ago, the family was pretty much considered to be your parents and siblings — now it’s about friends or work colleagues who become like family members because of the strong connections they share. The act of looking after each other is what binds us together as humans; this notion applies even more so within our own communities, whether we’re talking globally (global community) or locally (local community). It’s these micro-levels that really matter most when thinking back to Global Family Day since people tend not only to look out for themselves but also for those around them. People tend to think globally, act locally and care about their surroundings; brands should do the same by thinking of ways they can help create a better world — not just through offering discounts or free products/services but rather looking at how you as an individual brand might be able to improve someone’s life in some way.

This is why I believe that Global Family Day is so important since it encourages people all over the globe with different cultural backgrounds (wherever they may live) to come together on one day celebrate something very special within each culture, which means being close to loved ones who mean most in your lives whether it’s family members or friends from work colleagues down to even acquaintances we have met along our journey throughout life thus far.

We all have a story to tell, but the moments that we share with those closest in our lives give us memories worth cherishing. These moments make us who we are today, and it is the importance of family that makes all this possible.

So, if you’re a brand looking to appeal to your customers on this global day of family togetherness, I would encourage you to think about what means the most in their lives and how that might be expressed by way of technology or social media. What could you do to make them feel more connected? How can one be part of this global movement which promotes togetherness and happiness on the same day?

Global Family Day is a great way for brands not only to reach out but also tap into what matters most in their customers’ lives — that’s why it’s important for business owners, marketers, or brand managers to think about how they might put something positive back into society by helping others overcome challenges whether big or small when celebrating Global Family Day.

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