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Christmas Greetings from Global Brands Magazine

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Day has always been a time of celebration. It is the day that Jesus Christ was born, which brings hope and joy to many people. People celebrate by coming together with their families to exchange Christmas gifts, eat Christmas dinner, and spend time with each other. The Christmas season is very important because it has taught children the meaning of Jesus’s birth, but it also teaches adults to be thankful for their loved ones. For Mary, Joseph and Jesus, Christmas was a very important day in Jesus’s life. Many years ago, there was a story from the book of Luke. In this story, the angels visit Mary. The angels told Mary that she was going to give birth to a special baby, the son of God, who would become the Saviour of the world. In another part of their story, they explain the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

Jesus Birth

Millions of Christians celebrate this holiday every year by attending Churches or Christmas services, or by going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve that takes place in churches around the world. There are many Christmas songs that are also part of the celebrations such as ‘Silent Night’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Joy to the world’, which Christians sing and listen to every year. Christmas music inspires them to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ who is the reason for the season. The special music that is played during Christmas time is a huge part of the celebration.

christmas midnight mass

As brand owners, we can’t ignore the enormous gravity of the holiday season and how it affects consumer behaviour. Here are some suggestions for how your brand can adapt to Christmas:

1. Stay Social, stay in touch

Amazon, H&M, and Gap are just some of the brands that have used their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to bring their customers closer by keeping in touch and by posting relevant and interesting content. Of course, don’t just stay with Facebook and Twitter! For example, McCormick has used Instagram to educate customers on how to make exquisite Christmas cocktails. You can also plan events, contests and capture customer information from surveys. Social media offers a variety of opportunities to come alive on any page.

Social Media

2. Give thanks

Your company can take an extra step by showing your employees how much you care about them, leaving a personal thank you on social media, or just by sending a small message. Your employees might be the best marketing tool on social media to help build your business. Your employees are probably the best people to service your customers. This is a wonderful way for the employees to use their job to benefit the company and their brand. In addition, showing their gratitude is not going to cost the company much, especially when it is compared to the bigger rewards generated as a result.

For example, on social media Whole Foods highlighted their, ‘We Feed the World Month’ movement. This initiative draws our attention to important political, environmental, and social aspects. Whole Food also uses real-life examples of customers to inspire people.

Give Thanks

3. Just say “Thank You”

Thanking your customers can go a long way to show you appreciate them. This creates a long-lasting and meaningful experience. Customers have a story, the company can all make the extra effort to read what they have to say and maybe give the customer a chance to be quoted in your social media, via news articles or visual blogs. Not only will the customer appreciate this extra mile effort, but it can form a good relationship.

Above is a visual example from the other day of a good experience. Harley Davidson gifts all their customers that come in for maintenance of their Harley motorcycle with a small, personalized card soon to turn over and reveal a coupon at the gift shop. This reinforces Harley Davidson’s position and brand image that it is in fact a cool brand, with exceptional customer service.

Thank You

4. X-mas Gifts

During this holiday there is always a lot of research on the specific type of Christmas gifts. For example, gift guides and gift checklists are provided by many websites, apart from promoting the latest trends. Even a product database search can help businesses attract new visitors and expand their market. For example, searching for “Gifts for Cats” on Pinterest led me to a product called Grunge Cat Board to unlock organic popularity.

X-mas Gifts

5. Give to the Greater Good

Your company can also give back to the community by engaging with charities and volunteering to help children, because what is Christmas without the charity aspect? Many companies give to those in need, hiring organisations and charities, toy drives, and more. Have staff get involved and make this season of giving back fun and a worthwhile learning experience.

Give to the Greater Good

So be aware, there is time left to make business adjustments. Showing appreciation to customers, shining out the positive, giving back are some of the things your business can do. During this holiday season, focus on giving, giving, and giving. It’s never too late to look at Christmas approaches that can bring you the greatest bang for your buck. In conclusion, there are many things that you can do that will show customers how much you appreciate every one of them. By taking the time to be thankful and go the extra step, your customers will see the importance of your brand and they will want to interact with you even more.

Overall, I hope this article gives you a few tips on how to survive the holidays, and know what the seasonal marketing trends are from experts. If you have any questions, or you have ever tried any of these approaches, please leave a comment below and make sure to follow us on social media for the latest trends and marketing advice. Until next time, have an amazing Christmas!

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