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Flip & Fold; Novelty or Branding Opportunity?

Flodable Phones

A big push in recent years for the mobile market and certain brands in particular is this shift towards flip phones or folding phones as a way to offer a new approach to the bigger display devices that we’ve become used to – as our devices have become more multimedia focussed with social media, music, movies, and big entertainment options like gaming and site options at have changed the way devices are used – it is what led to the push for bigger screens, and for some what is leading to the desire to having a folding screen for yet more display real estate – but is this just a novelty, or is it a branding opportunity for those being more forward thinking?

The big name at the moment is certainly Samsung as their newest offering of the Z Fold 3 is currently the flagship device in the folding space, and it’s certainly an eye-catching device – when in the folded state it’s a very slim and tall device that looks like an ordinary smartphone but has a much larger footprint when opened up and giving that feeling of having more screen real estate which certainly fits the bill. It does come with a problem currently, however, that leaves it very much in the novelty space, and that is the lack of coverage for apps that work. As these devices are still so niche there hasn’t been much development in this area and will continue to be something that leads new users to be more wary about making the change.

What it does have going for it however is that there’s always a desire for something new, and with the modern ‘phablet’ styled phones having been the same for approaching a decade now, something that offers more change is exciting and provides a different user experience too. Those who have made the change do boast of the fun they’ve had with the devices, and how it does feel like a new experience pulling the phone out each time, particularly as other manufactures enter the market too these folding devices could become a statement device and find much wider use too, particularly as the technology changes and makes these devices much easier to use.

For now, the common thought is that they very much will remain a novelty however, the flip versions of these smartphones serve little purpose other than perhaps delivering some nostalgia to those who miss flip phones, and fold phones may serve a purpose for those looking for a larger device that is also portable – until prices drop a little and app availability becomes more accessible too, this change will remain something very much with the enthusiast and not so much for the wider market as a whole.

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