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Big Data is Changing Everything about Mobile App Development

Big Data is Changing Everything about Mobile App Development

The world of mobile app development exploded a few years back and never stopped growing. Improvements to the way we build apps and the expectations users have in 2021 for their mobile experience keep pushing the market to new heights as well. There are numerous things that Android app developers as well as Apple dev teams who specialize in mobile apps can do to stay ahead.

The tactic that is becoming increasingly recommended is to utilize the world of big data in your development cycle. That might sound like adding another step, but here’s the secret: all this data is already readily available for companies and their hired app development teams. All it takes is knowing how to use the Information of Things (IoT) and big data to manifest that information into a better understanding of what users want. Here’s how to make the most of big data for your next mobile app.

Who is Using Big Data for their Mobile Apps?

Many of the top apps on the Google Play Store utilize big data to cater the mobile experience to users more effectively. A great example is Netflix. All of those recommended shows that pop up on your Netflix dashboard when you use the app aren’t just guesses. They’re the result of big data getting put to good use so developers can decide how to streamline the experience for more optimum usage.

Big data is a tool that exists simply out of an operational component for mobile apps. Because users have so much info put into the app, including their activity while they’re using it, all that data is simply sitting there waiting to be used to craft a better experience. It’s easier than you think too to put it to use and we have IoT to thank for that.

How to Use Big Data for Mobile App Development: The Four Steps to Better Performance and Growth

The first step to utilizing big data to inform your mobile app development approach is to audit what sort of data you plan to collect. Apps usually pull things like user identification as well as their activity in the app and other info that the user agrees to in their privacy settings. If you’re building a new app from scratch, these are things to flesh out. Otherwise, apps that already exist should be clear about collected data and it’s easy to see what you have access to.

Using this data, it’s important to integrate the codified data into an easy-to-understand reporting system. This means signifying trends and patterns spotted, which is where the IoT comes in handy. Automated scans using algorithms that sort through big data can make this step a breeze. You’ll also want to take time to decide how you’re going to store this data. Most mobile development companies recommend the cloud for its security tools and safety. That said, some businesses might still use on-site servers, so that’s a consideration to make based on your business.

Lastly, analysis is the key to all of this. Utilizing the data reports, your team can see what users are doing in the app and for how long. How do you actually use this info? Well, it’s fairly simple. Data should drive everything you do strategically as you develop and update an app. If your users are showing signs that they enjoy things like videos and informational blogs, then it’s your job to create more of those to keep users on the app longer.

Likewise, users might be exiting the app more often at a specific menu or page. All of this big data helps us discern what works and doesn’t work in a mobile app. The more you rely on big data, the more likely it is that you’ll find success with your audience and craft the perfect app to expand your reach as a business.

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