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Fastest Growing Places to Live in the U.S.

Fastest Growing Places to Live in the U S

When we think about booming real estate, the major metros like San Francisco and New York might come to mind. From banks and title loan places to real estate options, a lot can determine the livability of a town or city. Did you know that Idaho and Florida are actually home to some of the fastest-growing cities in the country?

When it comes to property values, workforce data, and quality of community services the largest cities don’t always provide the highest ROI.

If you’re looking for a new place to live, work, and grow in 2020, consider these rapidly expanding areas.

Fort Myers, Florida

Tired of the dull weather up north? Consider heading to the sunny shores of Florida for a constant vacation.

Florida boasts one of the fast-growing real estate industries in the country and retirees flock to the sunshine state for low cost of living and high return on benefits.

Floridian tax and revenue law is great for business owners, and provides a considerable amount of protection to residents. In fact, Florida is an ideal state to start a new venture since low taxes and ample title loan places pepper the state.

Bend, Oregon

Craft beer lovers are flocking to this small city in Central Oregon. Home to 24 different breweries and a uniquely northwest climate, Bend is quickly becoming a hotspot on the west coast.

Bend is the perfect mix of city convenience and small town authenticity. The average commute is less than 15 minutes, and plenty of fly fishing opportunities for avid outdoor enthusiasts.

For those looking for an affordable and quaint place to build a homestead, Bend is a great river city with a lot to offer.

Meridian, Idaho

Meridian is a suburban alternative to Boise, with a modest population of less than 75,000. Perfect for those who love the outdoors and community life, this Idahoan city is one of the most rapidly expanding areas in the country.

This region boasts a high level of job and industry activity, with a convenient proximity to both Nampa and Boise.

Known for its friendly people, Meridian is a sound choice for those looking to build a tight-knit neighborhood network.

Milpitas, California

Want the feel of a bustling city without the congestion in San Francisco or San Jose? This city lies in the heart of Santa Clara County, and is an ideal suburban getaway for families and young professionals.

Those who work in the tech centers of the area can find more affordable housing in Milpitas, while still having access to public transit and convenient amenities.

On the other hand, families can enjoy a variety of top-tier schools, as well as access to nature and cityscapes.

Enterprise, Nevada

Nevada is home to a few different booming residential areas, and Enterprise has the highest level of homeownership in the region. This city features a wide range of businesses, services, and different home types. In general, there’s something for everyone.

Enterprise is one of the growing suburbs around Las Vegas, so it’s a fair mix of fun and functionality.

The schools in this area consistently rank above average, and there are about 164,000 residents in the city today.

If you’re trying to leave your hometown or simply need a change of scenery, consider buying property in one of these dynamic and growing cities.

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