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Everything You Need to Know About Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond

Black diamonds are mysterious, alluring, and unique. If you’re in the market for one, here are all the things you need to know before buying.

As engagement rings become more personalised and unique, couples are becoming more adventurous in their choices. While classic diamonds remain a timeless option, other gemstones are also gaining popularity, like emeralds, sapphires, and unique diamonds like black diamonds.

A black diamond ring is the ultimate in sophisticated glamour, and it’s highly unique, mysterious, and alluring. With a rich depth of colour and dramatic look, black diamonds are a fantastic choice for brides that love to showcase their personal style and go against the flow.

But how much is a black diamond worth? Are black diamonds rare? Are they affordable or only for the wealthy? Also, how do you shop for a black diamond ring? If you want to know more about this gorgeous gemstone, read this essential guide for choosing a black diamond, what makes them unique, and roughly how much you need to spend to get one.

Black Diamonds in History and Pop Culture

Natural-color black diamonds weren’t as famous historically as their white diamond counterparts. Although they were regarded as rare, they were not as sought after as other more colourful gems.

Black diamonds began gaining more popularity in the 20th century through pop culture and celebrities. In the “Sex and the City” movie, Mr. Big gave Carrie a black diamond ring, boosting the diamond’s popularity. And interest has only continued to grow.

A Look at Black Diamond Meaning and Symbolism

Like colourless diamonds, black diamonds often symbolises purity, love, and fidelity. However, unlike white diamonds, black diamonds are also known to be a symbol of charisma, passion, and power. It’s this added depth that makes them unique.

Many also celebrate the spiritual meaning and properties of black diamonds. Black diamonds are one of the toughest minerals in the world. Because of that, they are known to be a great symbol of eternity. This is one of the reasons they make an excellent choice for engagement rings.

The 4cs of Black Diamonds

Because of their distinct qualities, black diamonds aren’t graded by the typical diamond 4cs grading scale. They receive cut grades and carat weights, but they can’t be graded on the standard colourless diamond scale. And they likewise can’t be graded on clarity as black diamonds naturally have high inclusions.

Because of this, black diamonds don’t have the same type of grading reports. The Gemological Institute of America usually gives these gems a Coloured Diamond Identification and Origin Report. This report notes whether or not a black diamond is naturally coloured and the diamond’s colour grade.

Considerations when Buying a Black Diamond Ring

If you think that a black diamond ring is the perfect engagement ring for you, here are some considerations to keep in mind before your purchase.

1. Cut

Cut is one of the main factors to consider before buying. Despite being tough, black diamonds are also brittle and challenging to cut. And while they sparkle in their own way, they don’t reflect light like white diamonds. Typically, a black diamond ring is cut in a classic style like round, pear, or cushion.

2. Colour

While there is only one colour grade for black diamonds – Fancy Black – you will notice that black colour’s depth can differ per gemstone. Several black diamonds are treated to bring out the bold black colour, so look closely before choosing.

3. Setting

How you set the diamond is an essential consideration in buying a ring. Since the stone is already such a stand-out many opt for timeless classic settings like a simple gold band. But if you really want the diamond to shine, a pavé setting is an attractive way to emphasise the centre stone.

4. Cost

Cost is always an important consideration when buying jewellery. There is no standard answer for “how much is a black diamond worth?” Like other gems, many things make up a ring’s price. These include carat weight, setting, and more. You can find black diamond rings starting at £400 up to £2,000 or more. Determine what you want ahead of time to help plot your budget.

Propose with the Perfect Black Diamond Ring

A black diamond ring is a gorgeous engagement ring choice for couples who want something unique and memorable. However, be sure to do your homework before you buy. It’s essential to understand how to choose the right diamond to get something that fits your budget and preference.

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