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Fallout New Vegas: Why Was It Arguably the Most Popular Game in the Franchise?

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Game franchises can be a really smart idea on behalf of the developers. It’s a way to keep fans coming back for more because they will be hooked on the series, plus it gives developers a chance to build on ideas and concepts that may not fit neatly in one game. But no matter the series, there always ends up being one great one that stands out above the rest and is a player favourite.

Here we’ll take a look at the popular Fallout video game series with the focus on Fallout: New Vegas. Many players believe this was the best in the series and will argue that point very passionately. So, what makes this one so great? Let’s take a look.

The Map is Massive and Impressive

The first thing that players notice about Fallout: New Vegas is the size of the map, which is massive. For many, this was a much-needed improvement that sparked interest immediately. This translated to longer quests that contained more details, the plot was able to expand, and there were a lot more endings over other instalments in the series. Not only did fans appreciate this change, but it was something they wanted to see moving forward and they made their voices heard.

Players Responded Positively to the Open-World Gameplay

Many fans of the game will point to the open-world gameplay as being their favourite feature. This allows for more creativity, natural flow, and an organic feel that Fallout 3 was lacking in. Again, it was a huge step up as far as players were concerned. Players felt like they were in control and could decide what path they take.

The Release Wasn’t Overhyped Like Previous Editions

Another thing that Fallout: Las Vegas had working for it at the time was that the developer didn’t overhype this instalment. If anything, this one was underhyped. From a marketing standpoint, that can be a dangerous position to take as it may result in low sales. However, in this case, it ended up translating into underhyped but oversold – meaning it did way better than anyone expected at the time. Organic buzz, which is the best kind of buzz, was then created.

Check Out Some Casino Action After You Finish with Fallout New Vegas

Thanks to the setting and premise of Fallout New Vegas, don’t be surprised if it sparks an interest in some classic casino action. With online casinos, you’ll be able to enjoy all the thrills from your desktop or mobile device whenever the mood strikes. Choosing the best online casino is easy thanks to sites like which provide an in-depth review of all the top casinos in Canada.

Since Fallout: New Vegas, there have been many more releases in the series, both in the main series as well as spinoffs. As it stands, players are anxiously awaiting news of a highly-anticipated Fallout 5 which is likely still a long way off. So, if you’re a fan and haven’t yet checked out Fallout: New Vegas, it’s well worth giving it a go.

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