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EU Considers Applying New Tech Rules to Microsoft’s Bing and Apple’s iMessage

EU Considers Applying New Tech Rules to Microsoft's Bing and Apple's iMessage
EU Explores New Rules to Microsoft's Bing & Apple's iMessage


  • EU considers applying Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules to Microsoft’s Bing and Apple’s iMessage
  • DMA mandates major tech companies to allow third-party apps and app stores on their platforms
  • Microsoft and Apple contested the classification of their services under DMA
  • European Commission sends questionnaires to rivals and users to evaluate service significance
  • Inquiry aims to assess how services fit into companies’ ecosystems and their user base
  • Respondents given a short timeframe to provide feedback; Commission aims for a five-month investigation period

In a recent development, EU antitrust regulators are contemplating whether Microsoft’s Bing and Apple‘s iMessage should adhere to the stringent guidelines of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This inquiry arose after both companies disputed the classification of these services as core platform services under the DMA.

The DMA mandates major tech players like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta Platforms, and ByteDance to permit third-party apps or app stores on their platforms. Additionally, they must facilitate an easier transition for users to switch from default apps to alternatives, among other obligations.

To gather insights, the European Commission dispatched questionnaires to both industry rivals and users. They were tasked with evaluating the significance of Microsoft’s Bing, Edge, Microsoft Advertising, and Apple’s iMessage in comparison to competing services. Respondents were also asked about the specific functionalities that business users rely on and how these services integrate into the overall ecosystem of the respective companies.

Additionally, the questionnaire sought information regarding the user base of these services. Respondents were given a short timeframe to provide their feedback. The Commission aims to conclude its investigation within a span of five months.

This development marks a crucial step towards ensuring a level playing field in the tech industry. The potential application of the DMA to Bing and iMessage could have far-reaching implications for user accessibility and competition within the digital marketplace.

Stay tuned for further updates on this significant regulatory assessment. For more insightful news and updates on the tech industry, be sure to follow our website.

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