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EcoTensil Gives Food Retailers Remedy to Expensive, Wasteful Sampling

EcoTensil Offers Ultra Sustainable Options for In-Store Demonstrations

LARKSPUR, Calif., June 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone loves a free sample! And the samplers are not the only people to benefit; according to a study entitled “Report on In-store Sampling Effectiveness,” providing free samples can increase sales by as much as 475% on the day of event!1 The dark side to sampling is the waste created when plastic spoons and cups are used for a single taste then tossed in the trash, only to crowd a landfill. “That is money that grocers practically throw in the trash,” said Peggy Cross, founder and CEO of EcoTensil ( “I understand that disposable tasting spoons provide businesses with convenience and profit potentials, but there is a better way that doesn’t involve nearly as much cost or plastic waste.”

Made in the US from renewable materials, EcoTensil’s innovative silky-smooth paperboard spoons are crafted from sustainable materials. The spoons take up much less space than plastic or wood utensils—5,000 EcoTasters fit in the same box as 1,000 comparable utensils—making them cost-effective to ship, store, and use, saving businesses hard earned cash. EcoTasters, EcoTensil’s greenest product, are compostable, recyclable, and made from sustainably forested material (FSC), making them perfect for in-store, event, and other types of sampling. With the demand for sustainable options growing daily, now is the perfect time for businesses to introduce EcoTensils.

Business owners have been sharing their feedback about how EcoTensil’s EcoTasters have enhanced their demonstrations: “The customer response to EcoTaster was overwhelmingly positive and the demo specialists absolutely loved them,” shared Melissa Taverse, Demo Program Coordinator Whole Foods Market.

David Kampner, Community Marketing Manager for Stonyfield Farms, shared how EcoTensil helps them communicate their commitment to sustainable practices: “We continue to use EcoTensil spoons all over and love the message if communicates to our consumers!”

“We want to spread the word that sampling can be a win-win situation with EcoTensil!  Customers will be satisfied with their delicious bite, business owners will increase their market share while showing their commitment to sustainability, and the planet will be saved from plastic utensils,” says Cross.

If you would like more information on how you can integrate EcoTensil into your in-store demonstrations please contactLindsey Beedle of Christie Communications ( at [email protected] or (805) 969-3744.


SOURCE EcoTensil

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