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Mineral Powder Foundation – Pura Bellezza Introduces Natural Makeup Line

Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral Powder Foundation

Pura Bellezza today launched its new natural makeup line, featuring nontoxic mineral powder foundations, mineral blush and bronzer, mineral lipstick, clay masks and more. This natural mineral makeup line aims to introduce a new era of effective and nontoxic beauty routine for women who have become more and more apprehensive concerning the ingredients found in beauty products. The exclusive selection addresses the mounting concern of consciousness women who are seeking beauty products with the safest, most natural ingredients. Unlike the commercial cosmetic brands in the market, Pura Bellezza offers this all-new beauty line free of potentially harmful ingredients such as: preservatives, talc, bismuth, dyes, parabens, carmine or fragrances. Further, the line of minerals are not micronized. Pura Bellezza’s line presently offers an assortment of items comprising various ranges of Mineral Powder Foundations, Mineral Blush, Mineral Bronzer, Clay Facial Masks, and makeup accessories like Kabuki and Bamboo Brushes along with an array of different products.

The uniqueness of the products lies in the formula that has been meticulously selected and crafted with the integrity of the proprietor, Paula De Masi who immigrated to the US in 2010 who hopes of launching her own beauty line. Excited about the launch of Pura Bellezza, Paula had this to say, “Our focus has always been clear-cut and uncomplicated. At Pura Bellezza, we want to offer our buyers only the best mineral makeup with exceptional quality, crafted out of the finest natural and superior ingredients. With this product line, we want to reach out to meticulous consumers who only want the best with no compromises. Paired with our unparalleled customer service, we want to become the first choice for every fashion conscious woman.”

Unlike most makeup brands on the market, Pura Bellezza believes in premium products with the finest most natural ingredients. The Pura Bellezza Mineral Makeup line offers a long-lasting finish that guarantees a weightless feel and lets skin breathe without any effort. Mineral makeup is actually ideal for individuals with acne or rosacea prone skin, or those with any inflammatory skin condition due to its healing properties. Pura Bellezza’s 100% Pure and Natural Mineral Makeup does not get affected by contamination when compared to the commercial brands.

Pura Bellezza is based in Nashville TN, Pura Bellezza’s hope is to provide the very best mineral makeup with an exceptional quality, created from the most natural and superior ingredients available, devoid of any harmful chemical.

Source: Monday, July 1, 2013

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