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Credit Suisse Launches Two Digital Services for Online Real Estate Valuations and Sales

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse, in cooperation with MoneyPark and PriceHubble, is launching the “Property Cockpit,” a digital solution that offers its clients real-time information on real estate valuations and the option to sell properties. This represents a significant milestone on the journey toward a comprehensive digital real estate service offering.

Credit Suisse, in cooperation with MoneyPark and PriceHubble, has incorporated two new digital services into its Property Cockpit: Information on real estate valuations and the option to sell properties. The new features are available in Online Banking and the CSX mobile app, and represent a significant milestone on the journey toward a comprehensive digital real estate service package that supports homeowners throughout the entire homeownership life cycle.

The Property Cockpit, first launched in July 2022, can be used free of charge by all private clients domiciled in Switzerland via Online Banking and the CSX mobile app. These clients can now discover the current market value of their home, gain important insights about their neighborhood (e.g. noise levels), view building projects nearby, keep track of their mortgage, and get a real-time indication of the market demand for their property. The solution for dynamic market assessment developed by PriceHubble AG also allows clients to carry out simulated property valuations. For example, clients can gauge the impact of a renovation on their property’s value by providing just a few details. This is a crucial step toward a digital self-service ecosystem that simultaneously enables an improved holistic advisory model.

Clients interested in upsizing to a larger property, downsizing to an apartment in the city, or considering a move abroad can directly identify qualified potential buyers, initiate a sale digitally, and benefit from personalized advisory services from Credit Suisse as well as professional, end-to-end brokerage services from MoneyPark AG. Throughout the entire process, clients can easily track the status via the Property Cockpit within their Credit Suisse Online Banking portal and the CSX mobile app.

Roger Suter, Head of Private Banking Switzerland at Credit Suisse, comments: “The consolidated overview in the Property Cockpit provides clients with full transparency, control, and insights so that they can assess their real estate situation. It also allows our client advisors to provide comprehensive wealth advice tailored to the needs of our clients.”

“These innovative features developed in cooperation with MoneyPark and PriceHubble are a crucial step toward a comprehensive ecosystem that consistently takes into account our clients’ need for a transparent and seamless service in regard to the valuation, sale, and financing of real estate – easily, clearly, and completely digitally, from a single source,” adds Anke Bridge Haux, Head of Personal & Business Banking at Credit Suisse.

Over the coming months, additional features will be launched to expand the scope of our digital real estate platform. The focus will be on enabling clients to search for new properties, assess their affordability, and review financing options in transitional phases.

Source: Credit Suisse

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