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Best 70+ Ideas for Research Paper Topics in 2022

Research Paper

Students’ lives are frequently occupied with multiple things at the same time. Youngsters have a lot of things on their minds and finding the right research paper ideas can be much harder than probably expected. Writing, in general, is an occupation that receives a lot of interest from students recently. It could be the case that the current situation with global pandemic forces people to open up their minds and search for creativity. On the other hand, it may be the case that they are finding it interesting as well as an educative thing to work on. Who knows? Overall, it is a highly represented niche among the understudies.

However, issues start when topics should be considered. With this in mind, the fact that many students will search for the companies that write research papers online isn’t something out of the ordinary. If you are among them, luckily, we are here to help you. Besides the list of research paper topics, we will provide you with useful tips about what things you should consider while writing your topics too.

What You Should Think About While Writing a Research Paper?

To dedicate yourself completely to writing research project ideas, it will be of huge importance to know a few little tricks that all professionals are regularly using. Let’s see what we have under our sleeve ready to be discovered!

1.  Write About Things That Meet Your Interests

Before we get to the list of research topics, you should be aware of the fact that writing about something you don’t understand or like may not be the right thing to do. Do you wonder why? Well, the results probably won’t be satisfying.

While conducting research papers, writing topics that interest you will have much bigger value, purpose, and credibility which is very important in this matter. Furthermore, you will find the motivation to write much easier too. Having a lack of inspiration is never a good sign in writing. So, if you write things just to be written, you will not achieve anything positive.

2. Consider Your Level of Experience

In a writing world, inexperienced ones never have good results. Simply, if you don’t possess a certain level of experience, you can’t adapt to new topics or the requirements that might be asked of you to accomplish. In order to work on the topics to research, you must know various things and have previous texts written. If not, there is a high probability that you will fail to submit the tasks worthy of admiration.

3. Think About the Readers

One of the things that surely make a research paper valuable is its readers. You must be thinking about what they expect to read in your texts as well as their potential interests. The audience means everything to writers and without them, your texts will be no more than empty words arranged on a piece of paper. Readers are the ones that provide you with necessary critiques you can learn from as well as applaud you for the good work done. Have that in mind all the time!

4. Search for Reputable Information Only

Something that characterizes high-quality research papers is reputable information that will lead you to the best possible conclusions. You can always look for pieces of advice at websites like Betterwritingservices and use writing services from the Internet. But that won’t have much worth as you will not know to execute information, they will provide you with. Instead, explore on your own and find the data that has a proven reputation. Once you do it, your research papers will be far better.

5. Let Your Research Papers Be Approved by Your Educator

The last step we will cover about what makes a research paper so interesting will be related to allowing your teacher to approve your texts. If you are a student, it would be much better if you listen to what your educator has to say about your ideas. In the best case, you should find a balance between your ideas and make out something unique, like a combination of two topics, for example. So, if you are interested in research topics for English, while your teacher requires something different, just make it a unit and combine the topics. It is as simple as that.

70+ Ideas for Research Paper Topics

Now that you know all these beneficial facts about research paper writing, it’s time to make a list of 70+ ideas for research paper topics that you can consider writing about. We will separate them by niches so it will be easier for you to find what interests you.


  • What are the benefits of being vaccinated for Covid 19?
  • How do doctors prepare themselves for operation?
  • What is the purpose of medical cannabis?
  • Pros and cons of taking the anti-baby pills
  • Professional analysis of HIV
  • How does the global pandemic affect the medicine systems?
  • How do medications affect headaches?
  • What should be done to prevent people from dying from cancer?
  • What are the most advanced medical tools?
  • Is healthcare different for every region?


  • What proves the existence of something divine?
  • How does Pope approach sexual scandals within the Catholic church?
  • What are the reasons for the split of Orthodox churches back in 1054?
  • How do the media describe Muslims after the 9/11 famous airplane crash?
  • What causes people to believe or be atheistic?


  • What caused the rise of the Roman Empire?
  • How did Genghis Khan manage to get all Mongolian tribes together?
  • What are the reasons for the fall of the Nazis?
  • How Roman aqueducts were functioning?
  • Why have so many American presidents got assassinated?
  • Why did Hiroshima and Nagasaki have to be so cruelly punished?
  • Stories behind the Greek mythology
  • What was the exact magnitude of the famous Hurricane Katrina?


  • Why do so many youngsters use mobile phones as their main source of fun?
  • How did the first PCs get invented?
  • Are we approaching a complete overhaul by artificial intelligence?
  • Have robots been made only to serve us?
  • When will we make machines that can be coordinated just with our thoughts?
  • What is the influence of the Internet?
  • What are the reasons for social medias’ huge impact on peoples’ behavior today?
  • Can the use of mobile phones increase the productivity of the students?


  • What is the influence of artificial intelligence in modern schools?
  • What tools can be used in educational institutions today?
  • What is better: Online teaching or going to school regularly?
  • How should teachers approach students?
  • Will practicing any particular subject help students become better at it?
  • Should grading be stricter in the future or the measures must be relieved?
  • What is the current situation with the number of graduates in Europe?


  • How does alcohol affect the heartbeat?
  • Will our pulse increase because of the cocaine?
  • Is there a place where marijuana is legal?
  • What are the side effects of methamphetamine?
  • Is it better to drink wine or beer?
  • The impact of nicotine on peoples’ bodies?
  • Is drinking while driving a thing to tolerate?


  • What are the places with the cleanest air?
  • Should forests be cut?
  • What does cutting wood bring to society?
  • Will oceans eventually cover the whole earth?
  • How many lakes have an inhabitable environment?
  • Constant climate changes
  • How are hurricanes being created?
  • What causes a certain number of raindrops to fall from the sky?
  • Can people get ill from smog in the air?


  • What causes certain men to be so violent towards women?
  • Who owns the right to take the kids after the divorce?
  • Children abuse
  • The values of every family
  • What is the impact of a neighborhood on a family?
  • Relationship between husband and wife
  • Pros and cons of marriage
  • Why do men always propose to girls?
  • Why do people love each other?
  • Why are women considered prettier than males?


  • What animal species are protected from killing?
  • What is the purpose of the Zoo?
  • How should people treat animals?
  • Animal rights
  • The role of pets within families
  • Is it legal to use animals in a circus?


And our list is completed! If you consider it valuable, maybe it will make you write more research papers. Why not? Try using some of the topics above!

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