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Athlete Relaxation and Travel Spots

Athlete Relaxation and Travel Spots

For the average human, vacations are a beautiful way to relax and catch a break. For athletes, these periods are essential and highly regarded. This is due to the strenuous and physically demanding nature of their respective seasons. As an athlete, you probably work out and visit the gym several times a week in the regular season, hardly having time for yourself or your family. With vacations, you get to relax, cool off, and spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

For most of us, annual leaves are sufficient to wear off the stress of work hours and burnouts. However, nine to fivers and office workers usually spend this time partying or indoors. Vacations and travelling may be thought of as extended annual leaves for professional athletes. While some party hard, others just want beautiful scenery and an opportunity to bask in the wonders of nature. Athlete vacations are a huge source of tourism and popularity for several locations around the world.

Have you wondered what athletes’ lifestyles are like when they aren’t making you money on best Boku betting sites? From Hawaii to Ibiza and Florida, athlete travels and vacations have brought beautiful locations to the center stage, giving them more attention than ever before. Athletes are not just walking and running bags of money but bring leverage able attention towards their destinations. This article looks at the top global destinations among athletes.

Top Athlete Destinations in the World

Athlete travel or vacation ideas are not only adventurous but also calm and hassle-free. As a result, you will notice a perfect blend of rest, comfort and enjoyment. Consequently, you are likely to see some familiar locations if you are a travel-loving person. The following are some of the top destinations for athletes during the offseason.

1. Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for its raving summer parties, exotic nightlife and beautiful beachfront. The Spanish archipelago is one of the larger Balearic Islands and attracts many tourists yearly, athletes inclusive. It is also a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage site earning the status in 2018.

Though the island draws many tourists, it has a private section where celebrities and athletes (ideally any rich person) spend their vacations. Some of the athletes who have cooled off here during the summer include Cristiano Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand. Ibiza’s amazing scenery, sizzling food, yacht rental and infinity-dipping are just some of the major attractions on the island.

2. Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the most popular relaxation spots in the world. This is perhaps due to its many islands, ocean views and lovely Caribbean food. Due to its large bodies of water, tourists often arrive on a cruise ship. However, athletes mostly arrive on a yacht, like Dwayne Wade and Lebron. An opportunity to spend your nights at the beautiful mansion used in Casino Royale is also an interesting option for athletes.

While many of them spend their time aboard the yacht, some athletes also tour the life-sized aquariums and indigenous culture of the Caribbean natives. The Bahamas consists of sixteen major islands, pink-sand beaches and features unmatched proximity to the ocean, allowing tourists to bask in nature without interference. It also gives lots of choice options to athletes looking to get their juice up ahead of the next season.

3. Maui

Nicknamed the “The Valley Isle”, Maui is the second-largest island in the Hawaiin territory. The island features the Haleakala National Park – containing volcanic spots, and the Ohe’o Gulch pools. At Valley Isle, you get to watch humpback whales migrating during winter, bask in the Hawaiin spirit of aloha, and of course, sumptuous meals and nature. However, one of Maui’s most striking views is its 30-mile long stretch of black, red and white sand beaches. Surfing and sunbathing are other activities athletes love to engage in. Some of the athletes who have travelled here include Kevin Durant and Drew Brees.

4. Miami

Is there even a conversation about vacations and tourist ideas without a mention of Miami? Located in the state of Florida, Miami is the third most populous city on America’s east coast. This population density is channelled into the city’s entertaining life. Several art galleries, beaches, hotels and nightclubs flood the streets of Miami. The city also puts a lot of effort into its tourism, organising summer events and trips to lure travellers. This includes sports stars, including NBA players and footballers. Miami’s numerous beaches, surfing area, freshwater springs and outdoor camping are just some of its engaging activities.

5. Cairns

The tropical city of Cairns is full of fun and exciting things to do. While not a huge destination for athletes on vacation, it was used by many athletes last year as a training spot for the Japan Olympics due to its similar climate. Much of the attractions in Cairns aren’t very relaxing and are catered more towards active vacation-goers. One of its biggest attractions is the nearby Great Barrier Reef – you can snorkel here or become a PADI open water diver and get even closer to the reef. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is also an attraction that cannot be missed

6. Formentera

Another Balearic Island on our list is Formentera. While it is less popular than Ibiza, the island more than gets its fair share of athletes who place a premium on relaxation. Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands. The reduced attention and small size of the island also mean there is more privacy and less paparazzi. However, football stars like Neymar have been spotted on the island.


If you are interested in a less crowded Ibiza with crystal clear waters, then Formentera is your deal. The more popular activities on this small island are sailing and snorkeling. Oceanfront bars and cafes are regular sights, giving you a quiet spot for outdoor meditation and rejuvenation.

Sports vacations are important for athletes who hope to have long careers at the top level. In addition, sports doctors recommend necessary periods of rest and meticulous attention to body rejuvenation during and after each season for improved performance. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to take time off before the next season, sports vacations never go wrong. These are a few of the top destinations for our favorite athletes as they look towards recovery during the offseason.

Have you been to any of these destinations recently? Then you may have missed your favorite sports star by some few miles. Let us know your experience at other lovely vaca-spots here in the comments section.

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