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Amazing Reasons to Visit Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

The Spanish Canary Islands lay off Africa’s west coast. In 2022 around 1.8 million people visited the island mostly for tourist purposes. And this is for good reason as the region has everything whether you want a beach vacation or a more cultural stay.

Gran Canaria is one of the larger islands and one of the most popular. The islands formed from volcanic activity and as such each one is blessed with diverse vegetation, rock formations, culture, beaches, and nightlife.

Gran Canaria is blessed with a host of accommodation options with many opting to rent a villa for a week using a company such as VillaGranCanaria as they have a good reputation.

So, once you get there, what to see and what to do?

Roque Nublo

If you’re after adventure then head to Tejeda the home of Roque Nublo, an iconic volcanic rock that looks like it came straight out of the pages of the Lost World. Formed 4 million years ago when the island was a volcanic region. Seeing the rock makes you realize that the islands were formed by violent volcanic activity. 

The hikes to reach it have various distances, the shortest being about 3 miles. The hikes aren’t difficult in terms of terrain but it is a good idea to ensure you have good hiking gear, especially boots!

As you hike you’ll notice the massive rips in the ground or crags. Again another reminder of Gran Canaria’s violent birth.

Visit the Village of Tejeda

It is a good move to combine your hike to Roque Nublo with a visit to the village of Tejeda which is practically bang in the middle of the island. The village is well known for its food, including cake! Take a walk through the streets and appreciate the beauty of the village.


Head north to the village of Gàldar. It is worth a visit in its own right and like many villages in Gran Canaria it has its own quirks and character. The biggest draw, however, is the Painted Cave, a relic of a pre-Spanish civilization. There is a small charge for entry, but it’s worth every penny.

Visit Firgas!

Firgas is a picture perfect town situated in the north of the island so you can easily combine it with a trip to Gàldar.

Strolling around the streets is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon taking in Paseo de Canarias, and the Church of San Roque. There are great places to eat here too, so take full advantage of that.

Take in the View at Mirador del Balcón

If you’re over the west of the island you should make the journey and take in the spectacular view at Mirador del Balcón. Here, you’ll witness the power of nature in all of its glory. It has its own car parking and you descend a few steps to a balcony which gives you the best vantage point.

Gran Canaria is an amazing place and one where you need more than one visit to take it all in. For more information visit the Gran Canaria tourist board.

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