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10 Reasons to Travel to Europe This Summer

Travel to Europe

A European holiday is an excellent idea. Whether you want to visit museums, restaurants, or ski slopes, the continent can accommodate you and your interests. If you are still undecided about your summer holiday this year or you need some inspiration, find out more about Europe below. 

Key Takeaways: Travel in Europe

  • Europe is one of the best places in the world to enjoy regional wine and classic foods.
  • Europe is very accessible by plane, train, and road, giving you plenty of options.
  • The Alps divide the European continent, making it ideal for a summer skiing vacation.
  • Europe has some of the best islands and beaches in the world for beach holidays.
  • Don’t forget about the amazing history and culture that Europe has to offer visitors.

Food and Wine

Think of Europe, and the first thing you think of is food and wine. Whether it is famous French cuisine, Spanish paella, or many of the global foods that have their origins in Italy, you are sure to find something to excite the senses during your time on the continent. Make sure you try the best foods from around Europe, washed down with wine from Bordeaux, Santorini, or Tuscany.

Vintage Markets

Visit a city in Europe, and you are sure to find a vintage market. Some of the best flea markets in Europe can be found in Barcelona (La Boqueria), Lisbon (Feira da Ladra), and London (Portobello Road). Flea markets are a great place to spend an afternoon and bag a bargain.

Vintage markets – also called fleamarkets – are street markets where vendors sell secondhand goods, they have been popular for centuries on the continent, but they have different flavors depending on the region you visit. Flea markets sell a wide selection of secondhand goods.

Since you’re in a flea market, you will have to keep your wits about you and make sure you are getting a fair price for anything that catches your eye. Fleamarket sellers will expect you to haggle, so don’t be afraid to stand your ground and ask for a better price before moving on.

Train Rides

There’s no doubt about it, Europe is a spectacular continent. Europe boasts epic mountains, sparse grasslands, awesome city spaces, and quaint villages, and there is no better way to see it all than by train. A train ride allows you to enjoy the journey from the comfort of your seat.

Some of the best train journeys in Europe include The Glacier Express in Switzerland, The Bergen Railway in Norway, The Inlandsbanen in Sweden, the Arlberg Express in Austria, and The Brenner Orient Express in Italy. These classic journeys are a vacation all on their own.

Train journeys took the second stage to international flights in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, but before that, they were the most common mode of holiday travel – even considered a luxury. Nowadays, traveling by train in Europe is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Ski Holidays

Most people don’t consider a ski holiday in the summer, but the slopes are open. Europe is one of the best places to ski, thanks to the Alpine mountains that carve up the continent. The Alps run in an arc from the southeast to the southwest, dividing France, Austria, Germany, and Italy.

There is never an adverse time to visit the slopes and enjoy a skiing holiday, and contrary to what most people think, summer is an excellent time to strap on your boots and skis. In summer, you get the best of the snow, and you can enjoy plenty of daylight hours on the slopes.

Visit ski holidays France to find details on ski resorts, accommodations, and travel. Ski holidays in France are surprisingly popular in the summer, and you can find some great deals, especially when you book up early. Enjoy crisp white ski slopes and blazing sunshine on European peaks.

Classic Chocolate

Europe is famous for many things, but one of its standout features is chocolate. Chocolate is decadent and special, and nobody makes it quite the same as the Belgians and the Swiss. Chocolate from Belgium and Switzerland is known globally for its richness and special qualities.

However, Belgium and Switzerland are not the only places to make amazing chocolate in Europe; you can find high-end products in Germany, Italy, and the UK. Famous chocolate shops include Paul A Young in London, Pucini Bomboni in Amsterdam, and Choco Cafe in Prague.

Make sure you visit these famous chocolate shops and regions on your European tour if chocolate is high on your priority list. Otherwise, you will miss out on a special experience and some tasty souvenirs for friends and family back home. There is nothing like the real thing.

Islands and Beaches

Europe has snow in the summer on the Alpine peaks, but at the same time, the sun is shining on coastal areas around the continent. No matter where you visit in Europe, a fabulous beach is not far away. Whether it is Greece, Spain, or France, you can find a place to soak up the sun.

Some of the most popular coastal locations in Europe include Majorca in Spain, Sicily in Italy, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and Kos Island in Greece. These places are ideal for sun, sea, and sand; they also have a coastal culture with plenty of regional food and drink for you to enjoy.

While these locations are likely to be the first choice with foreign travelers – as they are with many continental natives – they are not the only ones. Head to Croatia for a coastal experience that rivals anything Italy has to offer but offers lower prices and is far less crowded overall.

History and Culture

Europe was the progenitor of modern culture, at least in the West. In Egypt and Greece, early civilizations developed, forming the foundations of Western philosophy, democracy, and culture. Needless to say, Europe is one of the best places to discover and rediscover the roots of history.

The European continent tells stories. Here you can find castles, palaces, battlefields, and epic museums that are home to the artifacts of the ages. If you’re a culture vulture, there is no better place to explore than Europe. Simply choose what area of history you like and make your plan.

Some of the cultural and historical sites that you don’t want to miss include The Louvre Museum in Paris, The Vatican Museum in Rome, The British Museum in London, as well as Pompeii in Italy – one of the best-preserved ancient Roman cities due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Impressive Architecture

For centuries, Europe has been the center of art and architecture, which is evident from the cathedrals, museums, and landmarks which are so commonplace throughout the continent. Architecture is one of the ways important people and artists tell stories for time to remember.

If you are visiting Europe for the architecture, you don’t want to miss the Colosseum in Rome, the Acropolis in Athens, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Schwerin Palace in Germany, the leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and the Guggenheim Museum in Spain. As well as many more.

As well as these unmissable sites of your European holiday, there are plenty of castles and monuments to visit along the way. Europe is so rich in heritage that you will need to be selective about what you visit. Zero in on a single time period and visit sites that tell a tale you can see.

Practice Languages

Of course, locations are not the only reason to visit Europe; you can head there for the people as well. European people tend to be laid back and enjoy a slower pace of life, especially when they are located in the countryside. In the city, they can be busier but are still friendly and polite.

Europe is the progenitor of most of the world’s most used languages, Spanish, French, and English. Of course, Chinese Mandarin and Indian Hindi also take the top spots, but the Latin-based languages are now global and have stood the test of time for their overall utility.

Whether you are learning a European language at the moment or you want to find out more about the origins of language in general, a visit to Europe is highly recommended. There is no better way to learn or solidify your word and grammar knowledge than to speak with the natives.

Road Trips

Finally, road trips are excellent reasons to catch a flight or a train to this epic continent. Road trips are amazing anywhere, but in Europe, you are never far from a hotel, historical site, or restaurant to make your trip fabulous and memorable. Another great thing about European road trips is the accessibility of the continent; you can reach some iconic locations easily by vehicle.


If you are looking for a reason to travel to Europe this summer, there are plenty to choose from. Sun seekers will find excellent beach resorts and culture vultures will find themselves spoiled for choice. If food, wine, and chocolate are what you love, Europe has an abundance of them all.

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