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Access Bank’s Internationally Acclaimed Products And Services

Access Bank

On their journey of expansion, Access Bank brought with them their brand promise of ‘More than Banking’; going above and beyond the ordinary to actualise the dreams of all Mozambicans. With the Group’s expertise, easy access to international markets and teams of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Access Bank has currently positioned itself as the 7th largest bank in the country. In a year that has also been marked by challenges and many more achievements that made Access Bank an even more robust and dynamic institution.

The achievements in Mozambique have been internationally acclaimed and the results are already visible. Recently, Access Bank Mozambique was the focus of an international distinctionaward by the renowned Global Brands Magazine with the award, ‘Best Bank for Treasury Activities – Mozambique’. The award highlighted the quality, management and development of financial solutions in the Bank that contribute to the exponential growth of the national banking system.

The speed that characterizes the pace of growth accompanies the quality of products and services that the Bank provides its customers, based on a focus of constant reinvention and improvement.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the economy worldwide, Access Bank was not deterred. This speaks to their adaptability as an organisation, reinforcing the idea that the Bank’s strategies are resilient and based on the in-depth experience of the Group within the financial sector.

As part of a Group that spans 3 continents, 17 countries and over 49 million customers, Access Bank demonstrates what it is to incorporate accumulated experience across all market segments into its operations. The expansion strategies reinforce its position as the bank with the largest retail network, while maintaining its vision, ‘To be the world’s most respected African Bank’.

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