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For more than 70 years, the alluring taste of Kahlúa has created more than just delicious drinks; it has ignited connections around the world. Today, consumers raise their glass to nearly two million cases sold in more than 150 countries around the world each year.

1930: An Intriguing Idea

The Alvarez brothers harvest premium Arabica coffee beans from the fields of Veracruz. They engage Señor Blanco, a local entrepreneur, to include their highest quality Arabica beans in a spirits recipe he was backing.

1936: The Recipe is Born

Chemist Montalvo Lara uses the Alvarez brother’s coffee beans to create the original Kahlúa recipe that is still enjoyed today.

1950s: The World Meets Kahlúa

Kahlúa’s popularity takes off and the brand begins global distribution.

1960: Kahlúa Lets Women Take the Lead

Beginning in the late 1960’s, Kahlúa gains notoriety for its all-female management team, dubbed the “Kahlúa Ladies.”

1962: North America Falls for Kahlúa

Kahlúa is first exported to the U.S. and quickly gains fame, intriguing consumers with its Mexicanheritage and distinctive flavor.

1964: Prekes Chic

Pre-Colombian figures known as “Prekes” first appear in Kahlúa advertising to promote the brand’s Mexican heritage. The popular campaign evolves to include conversations between the Prekes as they discuss their favorite ways to enjoy Kahlúa.

1984: Kahlúa Goes for the Gold

A limited-edition gold commemorative bottle of Kahlúa is issued to celebrate the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

2002: Intensely, Espresso

Kahlúa dares consumers to take their drinks to the next level, introducing Kahlúa Especial, an intense espresso-based spirit.

2006: Introducing Special Occasions

Kahlúa gives its consumers a new way to enjoy the original coffee and cane spirit, introducing smaller packages and flavor variations for “Drinks-to-Go” and “Ready-to-Drink.”

2007 & 2008: A Captivating Flavor Portfolio

Kahlúa French Vanilla, Kahlúa Hazelnut and Kahlúa Mocha debut, delivering rich flavor and infinite cocktail possibilities.


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