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Global Brands Magazine Interview with Mr. Adnan Hantosh – General Manager at Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl

Mr. Adnan Hantosh

Global Brands Magazine was pleased to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Adnan Hantosh, the General Manager at Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl. Mr. Adnan Hantosh has been a key figure in steering the company towards excellence, particularly in the edible oil manufacturing sector. Recently, Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl was honored with the Best Edible Oil Manufacturing Facility, East Africa and the Best Edible Oil Brand, East Africa awards by Global Brands Magazine. These accolades are a testament to their outstanding performance and commitment to quality. In this interview, Mr. Adnan Hantosh shares the factors that contributed to this remarkable achievement and sheds light on the company’s strategies and future plans.

1. Congratulations on winning the Best Edible Oil Manufacturing Facility award. Can you share the key factors that contributed to this achievement?

Thank you for the recognition.

The key factors that contributed to winning the Best Edible Oil Manufacturing Facility award include our commitment to quality control, continuous improvement in our production processes, adherence to strict safety and hygiene standards, investment in state-of-the-art technology, skilled workforce, and focus on sustainable practices. By prioritizing these areas, we were able to deliver top-notch products consistently, meet customer demands effectively, and set new benchmarks in the industry.

Certainly! In addition to the factors mentioned earlier, our dedication to research and development has played a crucial role in our success. By investing in innovation and staying ahead of market trends, we have been able to introduce new and improved products that have resonated well with our customers. Furthermore, our strong partnerships with suppliers, efficient supply chain management, and customer-centric approach have also been instrumental in achieving this recognition. Combining all these elements has helped us maintain a leading position in the edible oil manufacturing industry.

2. Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl has set a high standard in the industry. What specific innovations or technologies have you implemented to maintain such excellence?

We attribute our continued excellence to a range of innovative technologies and practices that we have implemented. Some specific innovations include the integration of advanced automation systems in our production processes to enhance efficiency and consistency, the utilization of predictive analytics for quality control and maintenance, the implementation of sustainable practices such as waste reduction and energy optimization, as well as the adoption of cutting-edge packaging solutions to ensure product freshness and safety. These technological advancements have not only elevated our operational standards but also reinforced our commitment to delivering top-quality products to our consumers consistently.

3. Liba has been recognized as the Best Edible Oil Brand. What distinguishes Liba from other edible oil brands in the market?

Key factor that distinguishes Liba as the Best Edible Oil Brand is our focus on:

  1. Quality Standards: Liba maintains exceptionally high-quality standards in sourcing, refining, and packaging its edible oils, ensuring superior quality and purity.
  2. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Liba prioritizes eco-friendly packaging solutions, reducing their environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable approach to product packaging.
  3. Innovation and Research: We have invested in continuous innovation and research projects to develop new products that meet consumer demands while prioritizing health, sustainability, and ethical standards.
  4. Nutritional Value: Liba Refined Cooking Oil is known for their excellent nutritional profile, providing essential nutrients while promoting good health.
  5. 5. Customer Satisfaction: We prioritizes our customer’s satisfaction by consistently delivering top-quality products and providing excellent customer services.

In conclusion, by focusing on sustainability, social responsibility, innovation, and industry leadership, Liba has established itself as a brand that not only delivers high-quality edible oils but also makes a positive impact on the environment and society.

4. Can you discuss the challenges you faced in the journey towards achieving these accolades and how your team overcame them?

In Golden Africa, we embrace our day-to-day challenges as it keeps us going and do more.

In a fast-changing world some of the challenges I would like to call out are; Copping up with Consumer’s preferences and new consumer trends, Category Competition and market dynamics shift, etc. In order to overcome these challenges and achieve the best brand position, companies like Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl may implement strategies such as:

  1. Investing in research and development to innovate and differentiate their products.
  2. Building strong partnerships with suppliers and distributors to streamline the supply chain.
  3. Engaging with consumers to understand their needs and preferences better.

5. How do you ensure the quality and safety of your products, from raw material sourcing to the final product?

Our efficiency initiative starts right from offloading crude oil form the vessel in doralleh port. We have strategically installed a 3.4 KM pipeline that has the capability to pump 500 MT every hour. The pipeline gives the facility the ability to pump oil directly from the ship to our terminal tanks eliminating any need of trucking of bulk oil. The storage tanks are constructed using heavy duty steal and coded by using full grade hypoxia coding to keep the oil safe and secure form any kind of contamination. Through this process and capability, we are able to export Bulk Palm Oil, Sunflower oil, and other byproducts like PFAD and Stearin.

Quality is our language and top corporate priority! Our growth is driven by a meticulous chase for product quality and diligent service. As part of our heavy investments; we have equipped our facilities with the right technical capabilities that is consistently lead by our dedicated specialized team members. Our advanced production equipment guarantees satisfaction with every pack. Over the years, Golden Africa Djiouti have maintained the health and safety of our people by providing the right equipment tools, creating safe environments to work in whilst organizing continuous knowledge transfer forums. We neither negotiate on the quality of our products nor on the health and safety of our employees. Our motto is zero harm in all our operations on both demand and supply side of the business.

6. Sustainability is a growing concern in the industry. How does Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl address environmental and sustainability issues in its operations?

Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl addresses environmental and sustainability issues in its operations through various initiatives.  Some of our core practices are; Implementing energy-efficient practices, reducing waste and promoting recycling, using sustainable materials, supporting local communities and Regular monitoring and reporting to help identify areas for improvement and track progress over time. These are just a few examples of how we address environmental and sustainability issues in everyday operations.

7. What role does innovation play in your company’s strategy, and can you provide examples of recent innovations that have had a significant impact?

Innovation plays a crucial role in our company’s strategy as we strive to stay ahead of the competition, meet evolving customer needs, and drive growth. Some recent innovations that have had a significant impact include the development of a new terminal tanks that can pump oil directly from the ship to our terminal tanks eliminating any need of trucking of bulk oil, our sustainable sourcing program that resonated with eco-conscious consumers, and the implementation of an automated production process that improved efficiency and reduced costs. By fostering a culture of innovation, we continue to push boundaries, improve our products and processes, and deliver value to our customers.

8. As a leader, how do you inspire and motivate your team to consistently perform at such a high level?

My daily goal is to inspire and motivate my team by setting a clear vision and goals, providing support and resources, recognizing and rewarding achievements, fostering open communication and collaboration, and leading by example. By creating a positive and encouraging work environment, encouraging personal and professional development, and showing appreciation for each and every team member’s hard work, I inspire and motivate my team to consistently perform at their highest level.

9. What are your future plans for Golden Africa Djibouti Sarl and the Liba brand? Are there any upcoming projects or expansions we should look forward to?

Looking at the future, we aim to further integrate technology and innovation into our ambitious steps to further expand and diversify our portfolio and footprint. We have came a long way accomplishing millstones, we see where we stand now and know that bigger prospects for remarkable growth is waiting ahead of us.

10. Finally, what advice would you give to other companies aspiring to achieve similar success in the edible oil industry?

In the edible oil industry, success can be achieved by focusing on quality, innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. To other companies aspiring to achieve similar success, I would advise them to prioritize product quality and safety, invest in research and development to stay ahead of market trends, listen to customer feedback and continuously improve their products and services, and implement sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact. By staying proactive, adaptable, and customer-focused, companies can strengthen their position in the competitive edible oil industry and work towards achieving long-term success.

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