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5 Important Elements To Include In Your Product’s Landing Page

Landing Page

The humble landing page still forms the bedrock of all digital marketing endeavors, and remains a thorn on the side of those who fail to get it right. Despite the substantial advances seen in this field, and the magnitude of information available online, there are no precise answers, because the science behind landing pages ultimately boils down to human psychology.

A product landing page, or any landing page for that matter, is eventually geared towards one goal – Call-To-Actions!

This can be a purchase, subscriptions, email opt-ins, form submissions, and even simple click-throughs, among other things. No matter what the CTA is, each element on a landing page must ultimately resonate with this final objective.

We realize that this is easier said than done, and even though there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are a few tried and tested best practices that remain universal for landing pages. While a simple drag and drop landing page builder should help churn out variations with ease, in this article, we dive deep into certain important landing page elements that remain indispensable, irrespective of CTAs, audiences, demographics, and traffic sources.

1. Clear, Compelling Headline

Like any other form of content, landing pages should focus on capturing visitor attention with a powerful headline.

This element represents an opportunity to entice the audience, and encourage them to stay on. Failing to create a compelling headline would result in high bounce rates, and losing out on potential conversions. A clear, concise headline goes a long way in setting the stage for the product.

The headline should try to convey the value proposition of the product or service in as few words as possible. The key here is conciseness, which has to be coupled with catchy phrasing, and use of certain words that resonate with the visitors, getting them to stick around.

2. Enticing Visuals

Livening up the landing page with contrasting colors, and bright visuals will force visitors to at least have a quick gander on what is being offered.

Visuals have become an unavoidable part of marketing, the use of striking imagery that makes viewers gasp is nearly indispensable when it comes to marketing materials.

When it comes to enticing visuals, nothing does the job better than a quality video. It can be an explainer video, a whiteboard animation, or even product demos and video testimonials, they stand to add enormous authority to the site.

3. Strong Call-To-Action

As mentioned earlier, CTAs are the ultimate rallying cry for landing page development, and that would hold no sway if the CTA buttons fail to inspire click-throughs. This is often considered a critical aspect of a landing page, because just subtle changes can result in substantial improvements in conversions.

Successful landing pages make use of contrasting colors to help it stand out, while positioning graphics highlighting ‘Money-Back Guarantees’, ‘6-Month Warranty’, and the likes around the button to thwart any issues with potential buyers developing cold feet towards the end.

It is also a common practice to see CTA buttons repeated multiple times throughout the page, especially when it is a long-form landing page. The idea is that a button to take action should never be too far away from any section, and visitors should never have to search for it once they make up their minds.

4. Engaging Copy

Crafting a high-impact sales copy is no easy task, there is a reason why experienced professionals charge top bucks for this. No matter how alluring and appealing a landing page and its supporting visuals are, a coveting sales page copy that manages to hook and mesmerize visitors can take sales and conversions to the next level.

Professional copywriters are individuals obsessed with human psychology that they often deftly exploit for sales and marketing. Because of this, it makes sense to outsource copywriting to such professionals, instead of spending plenty of time and effort, only to end up with mediocre results. Often underestimated, copywriting is up there with other high-arts.

Copywriting is essentially about conveying the right message, building perceptions, and persuading actions from visitors based on the value proposition of the product or service. It is constantly observed that even subtle changes in the copy can drastically alter user behavior and conversions, so there is a bit of trial, testing, and optimization in order.

5. Trust Indicators

Unless visitors are being presented with products or services from reputed brands and companies, they are unlikely to take a gamble with their hard earned money.

Elegant touches such as a ‘Money Back Guarantee’, or ‘Warranties’, and ‘Easy Returns’ might work to some extent, but nothing signals credibility, and reliability like raving testimonials from real customers.

Living in the age of deception, even testimonials need to go the extra mile to prove their authenticity. This can be done with the help of services such as TrustPilot, which verifies reviewers, and allows reviews and testimonials to be embedded onto the page.

Trust indicators such as these are known to increase conversion rates by nearly 190%, according to recent studies.

Final Thoughts

Landing pages are often a tough nut to track, but once the stage is set, they can continue generating leads and sales for months or even years needing very little maintenance or further optimization.

Like most things in digital marketing, this is an art as well as a science, something that is mastered with experience. Instead of going surfing through more guides and courses on the topic, it is best to get started by taking the leap, everything else will fall into place.

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