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Ranking On ‘Page 1’ of Google Is Set To Get A Lot Harder – Here’s Why

Ranking On 'Page 1'

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, securing a high ranking on Google is coveted and increasingly challenging for businesses. Constant algorithm updates and shifting user behavior have made it essential to adapt quickly and employ the latest strategies for continued success. 

10 Reasons Why it’s Harder to Rank High on Google

While developing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is still necessary to rank high on Google, a few things are standing in your way from reaching Page 1. Here are 10.

1. User Experience

The significance of user experience in search engine ranking is increasing. If your website doesn’t load quickly or lacks a mobile-friendly design, you’ll lose points with Google. You’ll have to create a smooth user experience to hold onto that first-page ranking on Google.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Google’s AI, RankBrain, has changed the game. It evaluates how closely your content meets users’ needs and adjusts rankings accordingly. Consequently, targeting specific keywords isn’t enough anymore, as Google cares whether or not a site accurately matches a user’s query. 

3. Increased Competition

The internet continues to grow, with millions of new web pages added daily. This means more businesses than ever are vying for the coveted spots on Google’s first page. As a consequence, there are many people who won’t get a first-page ranking on Google without a bit of help.

4. Featured Snippets

These days, users can often find answers directly within Google’s search results through featured snippets. Your website might rank highly for a keyword but still lack visibility if your content isn’t chosen as a snippet. This problem will get worse once Bard becomes available. 

5. Voice Search Optimization

More people are relying on voice searches via virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, leading to an increase in conversational queries posed as casual, unstructured questions. In this new landscape, perfecting traditional SEO may not be enough to dominate search rankings.

6. Rich Media

Engaging content like videos and infographics now play a significant role in garnering top search engine rankings. Merely writing well-optimized text articles won’t suffice any longer, as customers prefer to get most of their information from a long-form video or podcast.

7. Social Signals

Google pays attention when people share or engage with your content on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as it contributes to your SEO ranking. Neglecting the role of social media in SEO success will disadvantage your chances of achieving first-page ranking on Google.

8. Local SEO Importance

For small businesses operating locally, competing against global giants can be tough. Ensuring you focus strongly on local SEO with geographic-specific search terms may be the only way to truly optimize your website results. This is true even if you only sell products or services online.

9. Emerging Markets and Languages

As internet availability continues to expand, new language markets emerge alongside. Your website may need to adapt its content and optimization strategies for these languages to stay competitive. You’ll need to focus on countries with a high internet penetration rate, like the UAE.

10. Adapting to Updates

Google’s algorithm updates are continuous and unforeseeable. Neglecting adaptations in response can potentially push you out of the top rankings. To maintain a first-page ranking on Google, create a flexible plan of adaptation that can respond as algorithms evolve.

In Conclusion… 

As we’ve explored the challenges of obtaining and maintaining a high ranking on Google, it’s crucial not to be discouraged by the ever-changing landscape. Embrace the opportunity to stand out in this competitive digital world by staying vigilant and adapting your strategies as needed

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