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Why Do Delivery Truck Accidents Remain On The Rise?

Truck Accidents

Delivery trucks are very big, heavy, and powerful, which means that when they are involved in accidents, they can create much more damage and cause more serious injuries than many other kinds of vehicles.

Unfortunately, truck accidents are on the rise in many places around the world, especially in the United States. But why do delivery truck accidents remain on the rise? Let us do some digging to find out.

Delivery Trucks Are in High Demand

Delivery trucks are in more demand than ever before. In fact, the demand for delivery trucks has been rising for quite some time.

The increasing popularity of internet shopping and customers wanting next-day and same-day deliveries is undoubtedly partially responsible for the increase in delivery trucks on our roads.

In recent times, remote working and the Covid-19 pandemic have also created more of a demand for home deliveries, which in turn has increased the number of delivery trucks.

And with many more large trucks on the road, there is a much greater chance of accidents happening. In fact, trucking accidents have increased by a whopping 33% in the U.S. in the space of just a decade.

Truck Drivers Are Under Pressure to Deliver Quickly

With the increase in consumer demand for quick deliveries, companies are expecting more from their truck drivers. And when truck drivers are under pressure to deliver on time, they are more likely to cut corners and take shortcuts.

But when they do that, they are increasing their chances of being involved in serious road accidents.

Truck drivers should never sacrifice their safety and the safety of others just to deliver goods on time, but sadly that happens all too often.

If you have been injured in an accident with a truck and the accident was not your fault, you at least have the opportunity to pursue financial compensation.

Find out more by contacting a local truck accident lawyer. For instance, a Phoenix truck accident attorney at Hutzler Law can assist you in claiming the compensation you are entitled to in Phoenix, Arizona.

Truck Drivers Often Work Long hours

Following on from the last point, truck drivers often work very long hours and do not take as many breaks as they should in order to meet the demands of their companies and ensure customer deliveries are delivered on time.

But working long hours can mean drivers become fatigued and pay less attention to the road. When that happens, there is a much greater chance of accidents occurring.

Every driver makes more errors when they do not get enough sleep. But when truck drivers make those mistakes, it can lead to much more serious accidents in comparison to accidents that involve just cars, for instance, due to the sheer size and weight of delivery trucks.

Truck Drivers Who Are Fatigued or Under Pressure Make Lots of Other Mistakes

When truck drivers are fatigued or under pressure, they can make many other mistakes besides not paying attention to the road.

For one thing, truck drivers will often drive in unknown areas. That unfamiliarity can lead to things like double-parking their trucks in restricted areas and drivers not checking their rear-view mirrors when backing up. In turn, that increases the likelihood of pedestrian and cyclist accidents occurring.

Drivers who are tired and under pressure can also do things like speed, disregard traffic signals, and fail to merge into traffic correctly. When truck drivers do such things, they dramatically increase their chances of being involved in a road accident and injuring themselves and others.

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