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Where To Buy a House In Como and Why

Where To Buy a House In Como and Why

Como is one of the best known and most appreciated cities in northern Italy. It boasts a privileged geographical position, not only because it is close to other large cities but also because it has much to offer from a naturalistic point of view.

One of the most famous attractions is certainly Lake Como, which is also extremely popular abroad. It is no coincidence that more and more people, including big Hollywood actors, are deciding to invest in this beautiful town and buy a house or villa by the lake.

Many people are fascinated by its breathtaking views at any time of the day, by the possibility of going for walks in the midst of nature, particularly on a special path that leads to the summit of Cernobbio at 1,325 metres above sea level.

In short, it is the ideal location for anyone looking for a quiet area surrounded by nature.

Where to live in Como?

Once you have a good idea of the general characteristics of the city, it is possible to work out areas in Como would be the best for you to buy a  house. By comparing various portals and studying some analyses of these areas, it is possible to draw up a list of the various zones in which it is possible to find characteristic town houses or Lake Como villas for sale and their average price.

  • Historical centre: the Città Murata (in short, the Old Town) is the perfect area for those looking for a historic district with cobbled streets and a lively nightlife. It is an area with a unique and unmistakable charm, characterised by the presence of medieval architectural structures. Property prices in this area of the city range from 2,255 euro per square metre to 2,600 euro per square metre;
  • Lake Como: if you want to find a luxury home surrounded by nature, then the lake area is perfect. Several famous people, especially Americans, who like to dabble in sailing and hiking, also live here. These villas cost on average between EUR 5,000 and EUR 7,000 per square metre;
  • Sagnino: is a suburban residential area, suitable for those who want a slower and quieter life, without giving up the conveniences of essential services within easy reach. Moreover, the view here is priceless, because from the hill you can admire both the lake and the city. Another advantage of this district is its proximity to Switzerland, so it is suitable for those who want to travel there often. Prices for villas are around 2062 €/m²;
  • Camerlata: compared to the previous areas, Camerlata is cheaper, with a price of 1,790 euro per square metre. It is a historically interesting neighbourhood, home to several monuments and holy places, and served by the railway;
  • Lario district: is a particularly high-profile area of the city, known for being one of the most beautiful landscapes directly overlooking Lake Como. It is a popular district because it abounds in green spaces where one can take walks and be in contact with nature. It is generally possible to find detached houses, even villas and luxury properties in this district. Clearly, prices in this area are slightly higher than in other parts of the city. On average, anyone wishing to buy a house in the Lario district must consider prices ranging from 2500 to 3500 per square metre;
  • Areas surrounding the centre: for those who intend to enjoy all the comforts of being close to the city centre, the districts of Camerlata and Monte Olimpino can certainly be excellent solutions. They are, in fact, very well-connected residential areas that have a very diversified real estate offer in terms of prices and types.

Why buy a house in Como

There can be many reasons that lead a person to buy a house in Como, such as for sentimental reasons, work or because he or she is fascinated by the landscape.
Como remains a luxury tourist area that is highly regarded by tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Indeed, Lake Como is literally lined with luxury villas that have been attracting and seducing famous actors, footballers and highly successful entrepreneurs for years, who contend for the most exclusive property.

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