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3 Most Iconic Journeys in Italy

3 Most Iconic Journeys in Italy

The thing that makes a trip smooth and enjoyable at the max is good planning. So why not make an itinerary of roads and journeys instead of simply writing down places you would like to see without any coordination? Then, you can enjoy the ride just as much as the final destination! So, if Italy is next on your agenda, check out these 3 most iconic journeys. 

Venice to Florence

The ride from Venice to Florence is a marvelous one! Set off in the morning, and you will reach Florence in the late evening with many cities and stops you can make along the way.

Make your first stop in Padua, a city even older than Rome! Here, you can admire 14th-century frescoes and their overall impressive artistic heritage.

You can also stop at Bologna or Ferrara. Both Bologna and Ferrara are cities of great historical background and a handful of tourist attractions.

Bologna is settled in the north of Florence, so you will know that the ending destination is near if you stop there. Bologna is highly famous for its cuisine. The delicious meals earned it the title of gastronomy capital of Italy.

After that – it is not so long until Florence. Try to take in as much as possible on the way; it is all about the process!


Milan to Bolzano

Now, this is one of the most adventurous ones! A complete change of scenery – from the fashion capital and urbanistic, grand plazas of Milan to the remarkable Alpine landscapes of Bolzano. As you get further away from Milan, the change in your surroundings will appear more and more evident.

Firstly, we suggest stopping at Lake Garda – the biggest freshwater lake in Italy. It is also enveloped by many small cities and countrysides where you can spend the afternoon, or rest after spending some time in a vehicle.

After that, stop at the city of the most famous love stories in the world – Verona, from Romeo and Juliet. The town is romantic and exciting, although quite touristy, so keep in mind that it might get crowded. About a couple of hours drive further, you will arrive at Bolzano. Settle in for incredible, snowy landscapes of the Alps and stunning greenery!

Keep in mind that all of these journeys are available and comfortably reachable via Italy trains!

Rome to Sicily

Navigate between the two giants of Italy through the most beautiful cities, villages, and remote roads. The moment you leave Rome, you basically start another expedition in itself. Start by visiting the Vatican, an independent city-state, where you will find yourself admiring the famous Raphael Rooms, Sistine Chapel, and, most importantly, St. Peter’s Basilica.

Afterward, you can move on to the sunny Amalfi Coast. A bit of a change in scenery, sure, but why not rest stretch your legs laying on sandy white beaches, surrounded by good music and food?

Then, carry on with your journey by visiting Naples, one of the most captivating cities on the Mediterranean sea. The city is the perfect mixture between Old World appeal and modern-day designs.

Later on, travel to Palermo. Your last stop before finally reaching Sicily – your final destination. Palermo is actually a part of Sicily but is still usually referred to as a completely different city. Here you can enjoy the old town with cathedrals and other monumental establishments.

Amalfi Coast

Try out any of these mini itineraries and enjoy the fun that is traveling across a strange country. Remember, all the best experiences are memories are made on the way, so be sure to stop once you see something interesting and give yourself some time to explore the road ahead.

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