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What To Know About The Boxer Dog

What To Know About The Boxer Dog

You have probably seen these cuties everywhere you went as they have become so much popular in recent years. Their dark eyes are filled with joy, and it is impossible to resist their angel face when you look at them.

They are the perfect balance of silliness and protectiveness. When it comes to their work ethic, they are known for being excellent when it comes to this. They are mostly used as therapy dogs or search-and-rescue missions.

If you know someone who owns boxer puppies, you will most likely see them happy every day. When you have this breed in your home, get ready for the time of your life as they can be pretty silly around the people they love.

But beware, as these monsters can be quite a mischief when it comes to investigating their surroundings. After all, it is in their nature to be curious about things and their humans. They will most likely sniff every part of your home and cause some trouble along the way.

When it comes to the history of this breed, the first records show that they were noticed in twenty-five hundred BC. However, the species that they are known for today, especially the looks, was first recognized in Germany’s eighteen hundred.

If you wonder where they come from, the answer to that is the breed called bull biter. This breed was mainly used for hunting various wild animals such as bears, bison, and wild boars.

This breed is named boxer because when they first came to the European continent, people noticed that when they play or want to defend themselves, they immediately put their paws in front of them. So, this is why they are called that.

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Facts about them

If you are interested in more about this dog, then you should know various facts about them. If you want to buy, adopt, or just want to learn more about them, this is the perfect article for you. When it comes to their size, they are medium-sized.

Some adult boxers are twenty-three to thirty-five inches tall and can weigh from sixty-five to eighty pounds. Female boxers are smaller as they are twenty-one to twenty-three inches tall and usually weigh fifteen pounds less than an adult male.

When it comes to their characteristics, they are known to be muscular dogs with short backs. Their stance is stable and not awkward and can be intimidating to intruders. If you are not familiar with this breed, one way of noticing one is by their wide expressive eyes or their square-shaped head.

Their looks are pretty unique, and no breed looks identical to them. Their fur is smooth and short, with colors of fawn or brindle. These furballs are very playful and lighthearted. Because they are the sweetest cupcakes, they are an excellent fit when it comes to them being around children.

If an intruder tries to break into your home, their stance is much protective and will put fear into thieves as soon as they see them. They will not be afraid of anyone, as they are very stable. If you have children, they tend to develop a strong bond with them and can protect them with their lives.

Boxers are known for running a lot. They need to exceed their energy, so having space to exercise their bodies is vital. But on the other side, they also like to take naps because everyone can get tired after a hard day of playing around.

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Other facts

What To Know About The Boxer Dog

Because their coat is short, they do not need so much grooming. It is recommended for them to be groomed one every week, just if they get into a mess. They are known for being naturally clean dogs; therefore, they do not need so much attention when grooming them.

Among other things, it is good advice to clip their nails when they grow a bit, as it is essential to have a healthy grooming routine. One thing that they hate is extreme heat or cold. They hate it and can get nervous about it.

Be sure to keep them in an environment that is perfect for them, as they will have a healthy life. You would not want your dog to get sick because it will make them and yourself sad.

When it comes to their health needs, it is recommended to take them to the vet for thyroid evaluation, boxer cardiomyopathy, aortic valve disease, etc.

As mentioned above, this breed is pretty energetic and playful. As they are young, it is pivotal to socialize them. They are mainly thriving in agility, obedience, herding and can make excellent therapy dogs either for children or adults.

They are a very intelligent breed, as they can do various tasks you assign them to increase their growth and productivity. All in all, if you are looking for a friend, a boxer dog is the best option for you. Their lifespan is twelve to fourteen years, and in their life, they will give their love to you at the maximum amount.

Be prepared because they will cuddle you up so much you will not be aware it is happening. Give them love as much as you can because they will return it twice the amount.

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