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What are New Zealand’s biggest brands?

What are New Zealand's biggest brands?

New Zealand’s business landscape is marked by a diverse array of brands that have cemented their positions as market leaders. These brands, spanning various sectors from technology to consumer goods, reflect the country’s economy’s dynamic nature and its consumers’ preferences.

Technology and Consumer Electronics

In technology, brands like Samsung, Apple, and Sony have established themselves as leaders in New Zealand’s market. Samsung, maintaining its top position in the 2020 rankings, demonstrates a strong consumer preference for its range of electronic products.

Similarly, Apple’s consistent second-place ranking reflects its solid foothold in the market, likely due to its diverse product range, including smartphones, computers, and wearables.

Sony, another key player, has shown resilience by maintaining a top-five position, underscoring its diverse offerings, from gaming consoles to audio equipment​​.

Expanding Horizons in New Zealand’s Entertainment Industry

New Zealand’s entertainment industry, embracing everything from innovative gaming companies to the burgeoning online casino NZ market, illustrates a dynamic blend of creativity and technological advancement.

The gaming sector, spearheaded by firms like Sidhe, exemplifies the country’s prowess in developing globally competitive games. At the same time, the growth of online casinos reflects a significant shift towards digital platforms, catering to a diverse range of gaming preferences.

Additionally, the media and broadcasting giants such as SKY Network Television and NZME Limited anchor the broader entertainment landscape, offering varied content that shapes the nation’s media consumption.

Grocery Retailers: PaknSave and New World

Grocery retailers PaknSave and New World have also made significant gains, with PaknSave moving up to join the top 10 and New World making the largest gain in the top 20.

There is a growing change in consumer preference for these brands, possibly linked to their competitive pricing strategies and quality product offerings.

The rise of these brands in the rankings may also reflect changes in consumer behaviour, with more emphasis on grocery shopping as a primary retail activity​​.

Technology Providers: Microsoft and Hewlett Packard

The rise of technology providers like Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard underscores the importance of connectivity and digital services. These brands have seen substantial gains in their rankings, with Microsoft rising 25 positions to reach 21st and Hewlett-Packard gaining 18 spots to hit 23rd.

Their popularity is the increased reliance on technology for remote work, education, and entertainment amid changing global circumstances. The significant improvement in these rankings highlights the pivotal role these brands play in the daily lives of New Zealanders​​.

Trusted Consumer Brands

Whittaker’s, a popular chocolate brand, has emerged as the most trusted brand in New Zealand for 2022, reflecting its long-standing reputation for quality and consumer loyalty.

Other brands like St John New Zealand, Mitre 10, and Tip Top also feature prominently in the list of trusted brands, indicating their strong resonance with New Zealand consumers. These brands have withstood the challenges posed by the global situation and strengthened their trust with consumers, a testament to their quality, reliability, and consumer engagement strategies​​.


The landscape of New Zealand’s biggest brands is a testament to the nation’s evolving consumer preferences and economic resilience.

Technology giants like Samsung, Apple, and Sony continue to dominate the consumer electronics sector, while grocery retailers PaknSave and New World have shown impressive gains, reflecting changes in consumer shopping habits.

Collectively, these brands represent commercial success, adaptability, and responsiveness to consumer needs in a dynamic global environment.

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