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Wet Day Betting: How To Prevent The Weather Affecting Bet Outcomes

Wet Day Betting: How To Prevent The Weather Affecting Bet Outcomes

Punters are undoubtedly obsessed with making more accurate predictions on races, considering many factors like the horse’s age, health, jockey, past performances, and pedigree before wagering. Extreme weather also impacts the going, complicating and even ruining race days for everyone. However, rain on race day can be a helpful variable you can leverage if you understand its impact on race results. Here are some wet day betting tips on how to prevent the weather from affecting your bet outcomes.

Check Out Your Horse’s Wet Track Statistics

Your preferred horse’s record on wet tracks is an excellent indicator of how it will perform on a wet day, so it is worth looking at these statistics for critical insights. However, many experts advise assessing other factors to determine whether a horse performs well on wet grounds since wet track records should never be taken at face value only. Therefore you can consider the class, suitability, and distance of these races for a better understanding. For instance, a horse that has won on wet grounds may not necessarily be a wet tracker. Instead, it may have had a significant class edge over the field and may have triumphed despite the wet race track rather than because of it. This way, you can avoid picking horses with a tremendous wet track record in classes well below their genuine ability.

Consider Racing Pattern And Track Bias

Track bias is likely to be a factor in rain-affected goings, so it is best to pay attention to this on wet race days. A track bias typically favours leaders or front runners, so it may be unwise to choose a backmarker horse since it can be challenging for it to make ground on a wet day. If you identify front runners in multiple wet day races, it is an excellent idea to place an accumulator bet on these horses to boost your chances of winning big. For this, you can consult this horse accumulator guide to understand racing accumulator bets and how to improve your winning chances.

You Can Still Bet On Your Fancied Horse Even If It Is Drawn Wide

Many horse racing experts agree that barriers are less influential than usual on wet tracks. In several cases, these barriers can be advantageous since it might be better to race away from the fence where the going is better. The betting market often overvalues inside barriers, especially on wet tracks, so never hesitate to bet on your preferred racehorse because it is drawn wide.

Distance Increases May Not Matter

Many people believe that some horses can deal with wet conditions but only over a specific distance range. As such, it is easy to assume that the difficulty of racing on a wet track and a sharp distance increase on the next run can affect a horse’s winning chances negatively. However, there is little evidence to support this. Therefore, assess distance changes based on the horse instead of the prevailing track condition.

Look At Fitness

Unfit horses will struggle in heavy going, so it is always prudent to be cautious and steer clear of horses that aren’t at peak fitness when placing your bets. This way, you can ensure that any horse you pick has the necessary fitness to finish the race well.

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