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Walmart Launches One Global Walmart Academy To Help 2.3 Million Associates Build and Grow Their Careers

One Global Walmart Academy

Creating one of the largest learning ecosystems in the world, the company will continue offering training for on-the-job retail skills and broaden its offerings to include new leadership courses and well-being training.

Walmart creates a path for everyone by offering unparalleled growth and opportunity, whether you are starting a career, mid-career or exploring a second career. We’re committed to developing our associates for the jobs they’re in today while preparing them for the jobs of the future.

To build on this commitment, we’re launching one global Walmart Academy to serve every associate around the world through a combination of digital and in-person offerings. Over the coming months, more than 2.3 million associates will have access to the company’s job-specific retail training as well as new well-being and leadership courses designed to build and grow their careers and delight our customers. This global focus builds on the $1 billion U.S. investment announced last year to provide associates with career-driven training and development over the next five years.

With an increased focus on creating even better customer experiences and higher associate engagement, the global Walmart Academy will bring together all training and development programs, such as the recently-announced College2Career program across Walmart to create one of the largest learning ecosystems in the world. We’re excited to leverage resources around the globe, as we know there are two things all associates have in common, no matter where they live: They want to delight our customers and have the opportunity to grow their careers.

Going forward, the Walmart Academy will focus on three areas:

  • Developing on-the-job skills: It’s important we offer on-the-job training to ensure associates can continue to grow and be successful in the job they’re in today. For example, we hire great associates in our bakery department who want to delight our customers with their amazing cake decorating skills. Think about the types of cakes we had at birthday parties as kids versus what our kids’ cakes look like today. Trends change along with the expectations of our customers.
  • Growing future skills for associates: We’re preparing associates for new roles in retail. For example, just a few years ago, we didn’t have InHome Delivery specialists. As customer shopping habits evolve, this role is becoming increasingly important to our customers. Walmart Academy will train associates to build new skills and prepare them for new career opportunities.
  • Building leadership skills for managers: We want to build great leaders across the organization. This year, for example, more than 1,200 new store, club and supply chain managers will participate in an in-person, immersive leadership experience. This experience will focus on growing our leaders and teaching them more about Walmart’ history and culture, while giving them the opportunity to meet and learn from company leaders.

Since launching Walmart Academy in 2016, associates have learned both virtually and in person at one of the 200+ physical Academies across the U.S. Over the past six years, associates in the U.S. have completed more than 2.4 million trainings, all designed to help them do great work today and into the future. Last year, Walmart Academy trained over 400,000 U.S. associates.

Frontline associates in the U.S. can also take advantage of Live Better U, which pays 100% of college tuition and books. Live Better U meets associates wherever they are in their education journey, from high school completion to career diplomas and college degrees.

No matter the degree associates want to obtain or skill they want to learn, we are committed to giving associates around the globe the right learning support to turn great jobs into great careers.

Source: Walmart

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