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VoX Mobile App Now Offers Local Telephone Numbers From 57 Countries

Unlimited Inbound Calling is Now Available to VoX Mobile App Subscribers, Even When You Are Overseas

Pervasip Corp.’s (PVSP) a cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider, today announced that its VoX Mobile app is the first mobile VoIP Android application to offer its users the ability to choose an international telephone number from a list of 57 countries. Unlike most other VOIP apps, users are no longer forced to select a US-based telephone number.

Phone numbers from 57 countries bring a unique advantage to the VoX app. The numbers include unlimited inbound calling, wherever in the world you are, at an average monthly cost of $9.95. Other leading mobile VoIP carriers, such as Skype, do not offer such a large variety of international phone numbers, and Vonage offers international phone numbers, but not for its mobile phone subscribers.

“We believe this app can become the favorite app of international travelers and business owners alike,” noted Mark Richards, CIO of VoX. “Our customers can select a telephone number from a variety of international local area codes, and their family, friends and customers abroad can call them at the price of a local number. Imagine if your mother is home in China but you are living in the United States. With VoX, you could choose a local phone number from China, mom can call you any time of the day or night on your mobile phone, and her local phone company is going to think she is calling a phone number across the street. The chances are that mom has unlimited local calling on her landline at home, so there will be no charge when she calls your VoX app, even when you are overseas.”

Many VoIP carriers, including VoX, provide discounted international mobile phone service for outbound calling. However, VoX is the first mobile VoIP app to make available unlimited inbound calling for mobile phone users from 57 countries, even when they are away from home, positioning VoX as the most feature rich global virtual network provider for mobile VOIP calling.

VoX Mobile app users can now download the app from Google Play ,choose a number from one of 57 countries, and enjoy unlimited inbound calling from their friends and family. A list of available countries, and a comparison to larger carriers, which have fewer international choices, is noted below:

                     VoX  Vonage  Skype 

Algeria              YES 
Argentina            YES 
Australia            YES  YES     YES 
Austria              YES 
Bahrain              YES 
Belgium              YES 
Brazil               YES  YES     YES 
Bulgaria             YES 
Canada               YES  YES 
Chile                YES  YES     YES 
China                YES 
Colombia             YES 
Costa Rica           YES 
Croatia              YES 
Cyprus               YES 
Czech Republic       YES 
Denmark              YES          YES 
Dominican Republic   YES 
El Salvador          YES 
Estonia                           YES 
Finland              YES          YES 
France               YES  YES     YES 
Georgia              YES 
Germany              YES          YES 
Greece               YES  YES 
Hong Kong            YES          YES 
Hungary              YES          YES 
Ireland              YES  YES     YES 
Israel               YES 
Italy                YES  YES 
Japan                YES  YES     YES 
Korea                             YES 
Latvia               YES 
Liechtenstein        YES 
Lithuania            YES 
Luxembourg           YES 
Malta                             YES 
Mexico               YES  YES     YES 
Netherlands          YES          YES 
New Zealand          YES  YES     YES 
Norway               YES 
Panama               YES  YES 
Peru                 YES  YES 
Poland               YES  YES     YES 
Portugal             YES 
Puerto Rico          YES  YES 
Romania              YES          YES 
Russian Federation   YES 
Slovakia             YES 
Slovenia             YES 
South Africa         YES  YES     YES 
Spain                YES  YES 
Sweden               YES          YES 
Switzerland          YES          YES 
Thailand             YES 
Turkey               YES 
Ukraine              YES 
United Kingdom       YES  YES     YES 
United States        YES  YES     YES 
Venezuela            YES 
Total Yes Count      57   19      24

About Pervasip

The Company delivers VoIP and video telephone service anywhere in the world that has a stable broadband connection. It recently entered the mobile VoIP services and applications arena so that its VoIP can utilize any 3G/4G or WiFi connection. In additional to international telephone numbers for mobile phone customers, with unlimited inbound calling, it offers several international outbound calling plans, including some of the lowest rates to international mobile phones that operate on a different carrier’s network. The Company utilizes a unique combination of high quality voice services, flexible back-office capabilities and automated provisioning systems that enable a quick turn-up for app users who are looking for a second mobile phone line or low-cost international calling, without using any voice-plan minutes from their mobile phone carrier. It offers a feature-rich, low-cost, high-quality alternative to traditional wireless phone services. For more information, please visit

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