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Vietnam’s IT Market: Keys to Regulatory Compliance and Market Entry

CEO ExtendMax - Mr. Tran Thanh Phuong (Alex) and his team

Vietnam’s robust economy showcases a remarkable average GDP growth exceeding 6% annually for the last half-decade. With a burgeoning population of over 100 million, the nation presents a lucrative opportunity for global information technology equipment manufacturers. However, Vietnam’s market is also known for its intricate and ever-evolving regulatory framework, often cited as one of the most challenging globally for regulatory compliance.

Vietnam’s Regulatory Landscape

Although adopting standards akin to the EU’s ETSI system, Vietnam still imposes unique management requirements that make the regulatory landscape complex. It is not uncommon for products to face delays or be re-exported due to non-compliance issues. The most stringent certifications and licenses for IT products in Vietnam include ICT and CR Type Approval, Civil Cryptography License, and Cybersecurity License.

Why a Market Access Consulting Agency is Essential

A market access consulting agency is crucial in mitigating the challenges and maximizing the opportunities for businesses looking to enter and establish themselves in the dynamic and growing Vietnamese market. A leading consulting agency with deep knowledge of local laws and regulations can help exporters mitigate risks, forecast changes, and optimize regulatory compliance costs.

Who Would Be Your Best Partner?

In response to these challenges, ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited has distinguished itself as a foremost consulting entity in aiding manufacturers and exporters to meet Vietnam’s market access prerequisites.

As a seasoned consulting agency, ExtendMax delivers comprehensive services in product conformity certification and specialized licensing for IT cybersecurity products. ExtendMax is also widely recognized as a leading supplier for Importer of Record and several other professional services in Vietnam.

With a legacy of expertise and professional integrity, ExtendMax has cemented its role in the international supply chains of tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Palo Alto, Arista, and LEGO. The company has been instrumental in importing IT equipment for pivotal projects in Vietnam.

Recently, ExtendMax has been recognized with the “Global Brands Award” as the “Best Regulatory Consulting Firm in Vietnam” and has received the “SME100 Asia Award.” These accolades affirm ExtendMax’s commitment to stellar business growth, innovative solutions, and leadership in regulatory compliance consultancy. The company’s influence extends beyond Vietnam, setting industry benchmarks across the ASEAN region.

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