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Transforming Workspaces: Lenovo ThinkSmart’s Newest Smart Room Solutions

  • Lenovo introduces the ThinkSmart Tiny Kit and ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock to facilitate the transformation of meeting spaces into managed video conferencing rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  • These solutions provide seamless collaboration experiences for users while offering IT managers the advantages of managed meeting spaces, catering to the evolving needs of hybrid work environments.

LenovoTM announced ahead of Enterprise Connect two solutions to help the businesses more easily upgrade meeting spaces into managed video conferencing spaces and Microsoft Teams Rooms. The Lenovo ThinkSmartTM Tiny Kit and the ThinkPad TM Universal USB-C Smart Dock – ThinkSmart Edition enables users to drive smart collaboration while providing IT managers the benefits of managed meeting spaces.

As hybrid work scenarios continue to grow and become a new norm worldwide, businesses face another challenge in intelligent transformation—making meeting spaces smarter. It is estimated more than 43 percent of remote workers feel they are not fully included in meetings, and less than 8 percent of meeting rooms worldwide are video enabled.1 Because of this, firms are looking to level up collaboration to meet the needs of workers and the IT departments serving them.

“Customers are faced with a continuum of options as they look to deploy the right technologies to build and upgrade meeting spaces for today’s world of hybrid work and distributed teams,” said Shannon MacKay, General Manager of Worldwide Smart Collaboration Business at Lenovo. “The ThinkSmart Tiny Kit and the ThinkSmart dock are entry-level solutions for transforming meeting spaces into better audio/video experiences while adding backend manageability for IT support.”

Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny Kit

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny Kit includes the ThinkCentre M70q Gen 4 compute module and ThinkSmart Controller which together enable a Microsoft Teams meeting with single front-of-room display and external audio/video. Additionally, Lenovo will offer a ThinkSmart USB HDMI Capture dongle at a later date. The solution is ideal for customers looking for a low barrier to upgrade from bring your own device (BYOD) meeting experiences—unmanaged meeting room solutions requiring a participant’s PC to drive the meeting— to a Microsoft Teams Rooms experience.

With in-room compute power supporting the meeting, ThinkSmart Tiny Kit users can enjoy Microsoft Teams Rooms features, such as one-touch join and Front Row. A modular kit, customers also have the opportunity to add preferred certified peripherals like the ThinkSmart Bar 180 and ThinkSmart Cam to optimize room experiences. For customers that would like to upgrade and access more features in the Microsoft Teams Rooms experiences, ThinkSmart offers a number of certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices, including the ThinkSmart Hub, ThinkSmart One, and ThinkSmart Core.

The ThinkSmart Tiny Kit is supported by ThinkSmart Manager, Lenovo’s proprietary console that provides IT teams with the ability to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot Lenovo ThinkSmart devices from a single interface, regardless of the state or location of the devices. The solution enables IT managers to check room status, add new devices, and new users, as well as view all active users, check for updates, and restart a device. ThinkSmart Manager automatically detects issues, so IT staff get immediate, real-time notifications on critical issues, even before users can report them.


ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock – ThinkSmart Edition

The ThinkSmart dock is an entry-level solution for businesses who want to capture room usage and other data analytics for future strategic technology investments while keeping the interoperability and flexibility of a BYOD room. Preloaded with ThinkSmart Manager Basic, the smart dock allows IT administrators to achieve functionality of a managed room.

The ThinkSmart dock is equipped with a vast array of ports, next-gen plug-and-play functionality, rapid charging capabilities2, and is powerful enough to install critical firmware updates automatically. The ThinkSmart dock features an innovative cable management system that keeps all cables out of the way and locked down to prevent accidental unplugging. This allows for meeting attendees to quickly plug-in their laptops using a single, tidy cord.


Combining unified communications (UC) interoperability (Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc.) with plug-and-play flexibility, the ThinkSmart dock allows one cable to connect users to professional meeting room quality audiovisual devices and large format displays for group meetings within a conference room or meeting space.

Availability and Pricing3

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny Kit is available worldwide in the second half of 2024 starting at $949.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock – ThinkSmart Edition is available worldwide in the second half of 2024 starting at $349.

Service and Support

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny Kit comes with one year of Lenovo’s Premier Support5, upgradeable to three, four, and five year terms, providing access to advanced technicians 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

ThinkSmart compute products, including the Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny Kit, offer protection by proactive security features at every layer. Delivering end-to-end peace of mind, Lenovo ThinkShield includes supply chain assurance and below-the-OS protection.6

Product Specifications

Lenovo ThinkSmart Tiny Kit (ThinkCentre M70q Gen 4)

Processor Intel® i3 Raptor Lake
Memory 16GB (8GB x 2 SoDimm)
Storage 256GB5
OS Windows 11 IoT Enterprise for Collaboration
HDMI 1 x USB® Based HDMI-In8, 1 x HDMI-Out 8k @ 30
USB 5 x USB-A® (5 x USB 3.2)
1 x USB-C® (1 x USB 3.x Gen 2)
Wireless WIFI 6E
Ethernet 1 x vPRO Gbe LAN
Mounting External VESA
Dimensions (L x M x H) 179 x 36.5 x 182.9 millimeters
7.0 x 1.4 x 7.2 inches
Weight 1.32 kg (2.6 lbs)


ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock – ThinkSmart Edition

Solution USB-C® DP Alt Mode
Microsoft Azure Sphere
Connectivity 1 meter USB-C Cable
Video Port 2 x Display Port 1.4
1 x HDMI 2.0
USB Port 3 x USB-A® 3.2 Gen 21 (10 Gbps, 1 x always on charging)
2 x USB-A® 2.01
1 x USB® Type-C (10 Gbps, 5V/3A)
Video Resolution Maximum:  4K2
Number of Displays Maximum:  3
Audio Stereo / Microphone Combo
Maximum Charging to Notebook 60W
Compatible OS Windows 10 and above
Dimensions (L x M x H) 171 x 80 x 30 millimeters
6.73 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches
Weight Starting at 0.51 kg (2.5 lbs)
Kensington Lock Slots 1 x K-lock Slot
1 x NanoSaver Lock Slot

1 Microsoft ebook:  Harness the Power of Microsoft Teams Rooms – a path from BYOD to native Team Rooms

2 Up to 100W for most USB-C notebooks

3 Prices may not include tax and do not include shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates and color options may vary by geography and products may only be available in selected markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.

4 Lenovo Premier Support is included for three years. Beyond that may incur subscription fees and/or additional costs.

5 Lenovo Premier Support is included for three years. Beyond that may incur subscription fees and/or additional costs.

6 ThinkShield is available as an add-on for both Basic and Premium ThinkSmart Manager plans.

7 Available user storage and internal memory is less due to operating system, software and other functions utilizing part of this capacity; may change with software updates.

8 Available at a later date.

Source: Lenovo 

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