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Truth Social Plans to Launch a Live TV Streaming Platform

Truth Social
  • Truth Social, owned by Trump’s media company, plans a live TV streaming platform focusing on news, religious channels, and suppressed content, with a phased rollout including mobile and TV apps.
  • Despite its ambitious plans, TMTG’s stock faced a sharp decline after announcing additional share sales to raise funds, despite its reported net loss and revenue figures for 2023.

Truth Social, owned by Donald Trump’s media company, recently announced plans for a live TV streaming platform that will focus on news networks and religious channels as well as content that has been cancelled or suppressed on other platforms and services, according to its press release. Furthermore, Truth Social will offer family-oriented movies and documentaries on its service.

Truth Social’s streaming service will launch in three phases. First, they plan on incorporating Truth Social’s CDN (content delivery network) for streaming into their Android, iOS, and web apps. Next, they plan on offering over-the-top (“OTT”) apps for phones, tablets, and other devices. Lastly, they aim to unveil an application specifically targeting TV screens as part of this rollout plan.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) announces that it has tested its streaming service across web and iOS platforms for six months and has completed the research and development phase of testing.

“Truth Social is excited to embark upon its next big phase,” stated TMTG CEO Devin Nunes in the press release. “By providing streaming content of high-quality news and entertainment that might otherwise go underrepresented elsewhere or suffer discrimination by other channels or content delivery services, our streaming content aims at being an anchor point.”

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