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Amazon’s Maestro Playlist Generator Unveiled

  • Amazon Music introduces Maestro, an AI-powered playlist generator allowing users to create playlists using spoken or written prompts, currently in beta phase for select users in the U.K., Australia, and the U.S.
  • Maestro offers personalized playlist suggestions based on user inputs, with additional functionality available for subscribers, while also incorporating safeguards against offensive language and inappropriate prompts.

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it is exploring this approach as well. Amazon Music will begin testing Maestro, an artificial intelligence-powered playlist generator. Customers using iOS and Android can create their playlists using spoken or written prompts—some of which even support emojis!

Amazon suggests that in addition to using emojis, users can write prompts relating to activities, sounds, or emotions. Should they become overwhelmed when choosing what to write, prompt suggestions will appear at the bottom of their screen. Within moments, an AI-generated playlist of songs that match up will appear based on their inputs.

Maestro is currently available as part of Amazon’s beta launch phase, so the company warns users that its technology “won’t always get it right on its first try.” Much like Spotify, Amazon has added safeguards to protect the experience by proactively blocking offensive language or inappropriate prompts—although we expect users to try breaking these barriers over time!

Maestro is not yet widely accessible – currently, it’s limited to free Amazon Music users in the U.K. and Australia only while Spotify begins testing in both nations for their AI generator; for now, Amazon will introduce their product only to “subsets” of free users as well as Prime customers and Unlimited Amazon Music subscribers who access iOS or Android in the United States for testing purposes.

Subscribers will gain access to additional functionality, however. They’ll be able to save playlists instantly compared with Prime members or ad-supported users who will only hear 30-second previews before saving – this may tempt more people to upgrade if they like AI features, furthering Google’s trend of charging premium AI experiences for them.

Maestro can only be accessed with the most up-to-date Amazon Music mobile app and tapping on Maestro from either their home page when creating new playlists, or when tapping “Let’s go!” from within them. Maestro playlists may also be saved and shared among friends.

Amazon suggests prompts such as “and eating,” “Make my a genius,” Myspace-era hip-hop,”;” “Music My Grandparents Made Out To,” and even “I tracked My Friends, And They’re Hanging Out Without Me,” that can serve as ideas of where this experience might lead.

The company did not specify when or where its beta would become more widely available to more customers over time.

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