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Truecaller Unveils AI Call Scanner to Combat Voice Scam Threats

AI Call Scanner
  • Truecaller has introduced AI Call Scanner in their Android app, a tool that detects AI-generated voices to protect users from scams, available with Premium subscription plans and currently tested in the US.
  • The AI Call Scanner quickly distinguishes between human and synthesized voices to prevent fraud, with plans to expand to iOS and other platforms, enhancing Truecaller’s scam-fighting capabilities.

An AI voice synthesizer only needs three seconds of your voice for it to produce an exact copy of it! Unfortunately, these technologies have already become commonplace and commoditized; therefore exposing us all to threats on an unprecedented scale that threaten our loved ones and leave them at risk. These AI scams prey upon one of the most vulnerable aspects of human psychology – anxiety over potential danger to family.

Truecaller, the world’s premier global communications platform, unveiled their latest weapon to fight spam and scam: AI Call Scanner. AI Call Scanner can distinguish between human voices and artificially synthesized ones allowing people to protect themselves against potential scams or fraudulent activities.

Truecaller Android app’s AI Call Scanner, available as part of Premium subscription plans and currently being tested in the US only is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind: when someone receives suspicious calls they simply tap a dedicated button within Truecaller to record voice samples which are processed by our advanced AI model to recognize unique human speech features while distinguishing AI-generated voices – and all this takes just seconds with high degrees of accuracy!

“The risks of AI voice scams are increasing due to the proliferation of AI voice synthesizers. Our goal was to find an effective and reliable solution before things got out of hand. I am proud to announce that Truecaller is the world’s calling app with AI voice detection built in. Truecaller already uses AI in many different ways and this was a logical and much-needed extension of Truecaller’s scam fighting abilities,“ said Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-founder at Truecaller.

AI Call Scanner will initially launch on Android devices; however, we are already investigating ways for its improvement and expansion; an iOS launch may soon follow. Our team is actively researching ways to refine AI model accuracy, reduce response times, adapt to emerging trends in voice synthesis technology as well as integrate AI Call Scanner into other communication platforms or devices in order to extend its reach; for instance by building chatbots where people can submit recordings for detection.

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