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Truck Accident Injury: 5 Things You Need To Know About

Truck Accident Injury

Edmonton’s collision statistics have been rising every year since 2020. The region’s snowy weather plays a part in those numbers, but that doesn’t explain the city’s notoriously high fatality rates. The area experiences the highest collision rates in Alberta due to speeding, intoxication, and distracted driving. In other words, negligence is at the heart of most road accidents on local roads. If you’ve been injured due to a careless driver, it’s best to hire a truck accident lawyer from to secure the compensation you deserve. Truck accidents have a unique place in the personal injury space.

1) Drivers don’t Always Cause Truck Accidents

In large-truck crashes, 71% of fatalities occurred in the other vehicle’s driver. Only 2% occurred among pedestrians. Most truck collisions happen at night, pointing to a prominent causation aspect. Truck drivers rarely have the freedom to choose their schedules and pace. As wholesalers and other businesses become increasingly competitive, drivers are pushed further and further away from reasonable working conditions. If a driver has been forced to work with unreasonable deadlines and little sleep, their employer might be the at-fault party. This can make personal injury claims a lot easier to manage. White-collar executives have deeper pockets and better insurance than blue-collar drivers. That can mean the difference between an effective case and an impossible one.

2) Not All Truck Accidents are Caused by Truck Drivers

Trucks are large and unwieldy. Their sluggish response times and sheer size can cause catastrophic injuries. Even so, many collisions are caused by passenger vehicles. The most common cause of these kinds of accidents are:

  • Driving into a commercial truck’s blind spots.
  • Passing between two trucks on a narrow road.
  • Making abrupt choices such as unexpected braking and lane changes.
  • Trying to pass a truck in the middle of executing a turn.
  • Failing to adapt speed during a truck’s lane merge.

If you’re a truck driver injured due to another’s negligence, you don’t need to limit your compensation to your employer’s insurance. You can pursue a personal injury case to attract a better settlement.

3) Truck Drivers Can Hold their Employers Accountable

Employers can be held liable for creating a stressful working environment and giving you an excessive workload. If you feel your employer’s fleet management policies caused your accident injury, you can seek redress through civil courts. This kind of case can pressure unethical businesses into developing better policies, so taking your employer to court could save lives.

4) Multiple Parties Often Cause Truck Accidents

Not all truck accidents have a single apparent cause. In some collisions, both drivers are partly responsible. Employers, vehicle manufacturers, and state institutions play a role in others. Canadian law makes merged causes like this easier to manage by sharing responsibility among all the parties involved. This means you can win compensation even if you played a small role in causing your accident. If the courts find your actions less destructive than the defendant’s, they will still award you the funds you need to cover your losses.

5) Truck Accidents Often Attract Massive Settlements

Truck accidents are often catastrophic for pedestrians and passenger vehicle drivers, so they often attract multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. While half of the personal injury plaintiffs receive $24,000 or less, several elements can increase that dollar amount exponentially. Settlements are determined by:

  • The severity of the losses and injuries.
  • How disabling the plaintiff’s injuries are.
  • The length of your treatment and recovery time.
  • Your medical costs.
  • The psychological damage you sustain.
  • The certainty of the courts. Contentious cases receive lower compensation.

The skill of your lawyer is one of the most important drivers of a high settlement. Seek out a professional who’s committed to your case and fastidious about proving it. This is one of the most powerful ways to secure a winning verdict.

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