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“Tourguide” – The Next Level of “MBUX Voice Assistant” for Exciting Journeys


Mercedes‑Benz is enhancing its “MBUX Voice Assistant” with a new Mercedes me service – the “Tourguide” acoustic travel guide.

Mercedes‑Benz digital services make travelling by car more entertaining and interesting for many customers. Right on time for the summer holiday season, the brand is launching the new Mercedes me “Tourguide” service as part of the “MBUX Voice Assistant”. When prompted, the acoustic travel guide reads out interesting and entertaining information about attractions along the route on German autobahns, providing a fun way to pass the time when travelling on holiday.

“Tourguide” – The acoustic travel guide from Mercedes‑Benz

The “Tourguide” audio travel guide is available as part of the “MBUX Voice Assistant” from Mercedes me in the EQS, EQE, C‑Class, S‑Class and AMG SL as well as the new GLC and the new EQS SUV, which have been in production since June 1, 2022. It adds an interesting and entertaining feature to the existing travel information functions. In response to the voice command “Hey Mercedes, start Tourguide”, the MBUX (Mercedes‑Benz User Experience) infotainment system reads out extensive information about points of interest along the route. Initially, the new audio travel guide is only available in Germany but will later be rolled out in other countries as well. The system responds to the approximately 3,400 brown-coloured tourist information signs along German autobahns.

If “Tourguide” is activated, MBUX automatically reads out useful information on places of interest along the way. On holiday trips or weekend getaways, or even for business travellers, “Tourguide” provides a welcome and informative interlude on longer journeys. The content for the automatic announcements was created exclusively for Mercedes‑Benz Group AG.

Announcements begin automatically when the car passes the first sign. If the driver takes a break or leaves the autobahn, the service switches off automatically after 90 minutes. Of course, the driver can also deactivate the service at any time, again by voice command or by touch. One especially convenient feature is the connection to automatic route guidance. If the “Tourguide” insights regarding a particular point of interest inspire users to pay it a visit, all they have to do is simply select the navigation function and they will be guided there directly, without having to dictate or enter the names of streets or towns.

Source: Mercedes‑Benz

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