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Top 5 Middle Eastern Brands To Add On Your Watch List For 2021

Top 5 Middle Eastern Brands To Add On Your Watch List For 2021

The Middle East is home to some of the biggest brands on the planet. Each brand is contributing to the impressive growth of the region. A part of the world known for its remarkable global rise in recent years. According to data from the prestigious Brand Finance Middle East 100 ranking, six energy firms account for 38% of the total brand value in the region. This should be of no surprise since the oil and gas sector is the most valuable sector in the Middle East. Banking and telecommunications are ranked second and third.

In recent years, the biggest nations in the region have begun to shift focus. The attempt at diversification is an effort to lessen dominance on energy brands. This is fairly visible through various governmental initiatives. Each country of the region has it’s own branding for this: Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, QatarNational Vision 2030, and UAE Vision 2021. These plans are based on growth of new sectors. Special emphasis has been placed on tech, renewable energy, or crypto brands.

Ibrahim Ajami, Mubadala Capital’s Head of Ventures, announced two new tech funds During an exclusive CNBC interview. These two funds plan to invest over $250 million into Middle Eastern start-ups. The United Arab Emirates leads the regional effort to invest billions into the local technology sector. Local investment experts, like those at, are recommending investment. This has been a trend for some time now.

Let us find out what are a few of the most important Middle Eastern brands to watch for your future investment.

Saudi Aramco – The Most Valuable Middle Eastern Brand

Saudi Aramco continues to lead the oil and gas sector in the region. 2021 is the second consecutive year when the brand wins the “Middle East’s most valuable brand” title. Saudi Aramco is currently worth $37.5 billion. It has suffered significant profit losses during the first six months of 2020. Increased demand post-pandemic has seen increases.

As a governmental owned company, Aramco has a goal to bring positive contribution to national wealth. To ensure the sustainability of this strategy long term, Aramco has invested into alternative energy. Aramco has focused on technology and digitization to cut its carbon footprint. With vast resources, the company is also working to develop next-generation materials. Aramco is an incredibly valuable brand. It shows great growth potential in many different sectors and government support. An excellent place to consider an investment.

Saudi Telecom (STC) – The Most Valuable Telecommunications Company in the Middle East

Brand Finance Global 500 notes the brand value of telecommunications brands in the region are falling. Nonetheless, plenty of telecoms brands are still quite profitable. STC is one of these brands. Its outstanding performance has turned it into the “most valuable telco” in the region. The brand is worth $9.2 billion. Its success and evolution are a consequence of its master branding ideas. The expansion into Bahrain and Kuwait has also helped the company reach its high status. STC continues to execute a strategy of Digitize, Accelerate, Reinvent, and Expand (DARE). The firm has committed to promoting everyday digital transformation via STC pay. This is the first tech unicorn located in Saudi Arabia and is worth keeping a close eye on.

Mobily – The Fastest Growing Telecom Brand

Mobily was the fastest-growing telecommunications brand in the Middle East in 2021. Its brand value went up 17 points, reaching $1.3 billion. This way, the company managed to exceed its original growth projections. This growth is a direct result of the more positive outlook on the sector. Mobily follows the GAIN strategy adopted in 2019. This strategy allows it to grow the company’s core revenues, accelerate streams from digital revenues and optimize the delivery of positive experiences.

Saudi Electricity – The Strongest Utility Brand in the Region

Saudi Electricity has an impressive AA brand rating. Currently valued at, an impressive, $902 million. The company has a monopoly on generating, transferring, and distributing electric power in Saudi Arabia. The company currently uses 45 power generation plants. The brand cannot currently generate low-carbon electricity. Despite this, it has started a process of digital transformation. The company has already installed and replaced more than 10 million smart electricity meters. The goal is to create top-tier infrastructure and enhanced experiences for all customers. The company has also signed an agreement to resolve all Government liabilities as part of the electricity sector reforms in the Kingdom. Saudi Electricity is one of the top utility brands to keep a close eye on in the upcoming year.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) – The Utility Brand Worth Keeping An Eye On In 2022

The brand has made it into the prestigious Brand Finance Middle East 100 ranking for the first time. DEWA is currently worth $526 million. The company has turned into one of the main pillars supporting the economy in Dubai. The brand has also managed to outperform other large utility brands in relation to their operations. One of its main goals is to increase the mix of renewable energy to twenty-five percent by the year 2030 and seventy-five percent by 2050. Ideally, the brand plans to become a leading sustainable innovative corporation recognized worldwide. Their green charger and Dubai initiatives are meant to help it get there faster. If you are looking to invest in a promising utility brand in the ME, DEWA is a strong candidate.


These are just a few of the most successful Middle Eastern brands to keep an eye on today for future investments. Many more are prone to grow and prove their worth in the next one or two decades. Buckle up and get your investment portfolio ready for new additions!

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