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Top 5 Barber Brands in the World


Do you want to get a special haircut from some of the leading barber brands around the world? The hair grooming industry is one of the biggest in the fashion & beauty world. In the USA alone, the barbering sector experiences an annual revenue growth of $1 billion. With a mean annual wage of $30,000, this means there are over 100,000 barber shops in the USA alone. Owing to this, whenever you need to get an executive haircut for a special occasion, it can be hard to choose the best barber brand from the crowd. Luckily, WiseBarber, a leading website in the barbering industry, has created this list of the top 5 barber brands in the world. Keep reading to know them.

1. Blind Barber; New York

Blind Barber is the biggest barber brand in New York City with outposts in Chicago, Philly, Los Angeles, and Miami Beach. The brand was founded in 2010, propelled to provide unique experiences through a combination of classic styles with modern expectations. They are also a manufacturer of quality lines of hair and skin products. Their barber shops are best described as communities where men who want luxurious hair treatments meet some of the most professional barbers in the USA. Blind Barber charges a minimum of $30 for a beard shave and $150 for a haircut.

2. Sky Salon; Puerto Rico

Sky Salon was founded by an international hair educator, brand ambassador, and artist Sky. It is one of the few unisex salons that delivers top-notch services at affordable prices. Over at Sky Salon, haircuts for women cost $50, men’s haircuts cost $30, and children’s haircuts cost $25-$30. They also do waxing, conditioning, highlighting, and updo. A lot of their customers say they prefer the salon over its competitors because they use cruelty-free and vegan color hair products. But another reason why most customers love Sky Salon is because of the friendly environment created by the stylists and barbers.

3. Bali Barber; Bali in Indonesia

Whether via walk-ins or bookings, Bali Barber is one of the oldest and largest salons in Indonesia where you’ll meet experienced dread-lockers, skilled barbers, and professional spa therapists. They offer hair services to groomsmen, ladies, and male children. Their services include beard styling, hot towel shaving, bleaching and coloring, haircuts, and therapy. While Bali Barber focuses on group services they also do individual hair care and at-home services for celebrities and VIPs.

4. Bogdan Kovch; Ukraine

Bogdan Kovch is among the well-known top barbers in Ukraine. He is an educator and the owner of both BK Barbering Salon and BK Barber Academy. The salon caters to all male hair needs through the adoption of both Ukrainian and international hair grooming techniques. And since they also have a hair product brand of their own, barbers in the salon use only BK-branded hair grooming equipment. On the other hand, the academy offers basic training to upcoming barbers and advanced courses to experts. It also organizes masterclasses around the globe.

5. Barba Roja; Colombia

PlaceDigger ranked Barba Roja as the second-best barber brand in Colombia on a list of 10. Barba Roja is located in Medellin where it is peopled by hairdressers, barbers, and cosmetics experts. They charge £15 per standard haircut, £17 per scissor cut, £16-£18 per faders, and £7-£11 per beard cut, at the time of writing this article. If you’re looking for a place to get international haircuts and skin care in Colombia, Barba Roja may be your best bet.

In conclusion

Nothing beats getting your haircuts fixed by some of the best barber brands in the world. But with the multitude of new barbers making their way into the industry, it can be hard to make a blameless choice. In this article, I have reviewed the top 5 best barber brands in the world to help you make the best pick. You can also check this review of the best brands of hair dryers in India.

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