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Top 3 Indian Jewelry Styles Trending in 2020

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Perfectly worn jewellery not only complements our clothing, but completes our overall look as well. The only constant in the jewellery industry is experimentation from the viewpoint of a jewellery designer.

So, keeping up with patterns that shift with each new season can be overwhelming. We have such diverse types and styles of jewellery, particularly in India, that finding a balance with varied wardrobes for various occasions is a difficult task.

2020 is sure to be the year of edgy and intricate pieces of jewellery that make a statement. Though contemporary pieces have dominated the market in recent years, Indian designs and their variants will be the subject this year.

You will find thousands of results if you search Indian Jewelry near me on the internet due its never ending popularity. Have a look at some of the trending 2020 styles below;

1.     Heart for versatility

The choice to wear a style for a reception, a formal ball or the workplace is like women’s trousers, but with pockets! The versatility of the new jewellery concept makes it an excellent addition to the 2020 trends in wedding jewellery.

Versatile jewellery picks up steam, from bridal earrings with studs that can be turned into a stud earring to plain necklaces that are ideal for formal office wear. So, get ready for a year of flexible jewellery that will carry you a lot.

2.     Delicate Styles

Although statement pieces are always excellent, delicate jewellery is also part of this season. There are several alternatives, from studded anklets as a traditional and modern piece of accessory to a beautiful and erudite pearl earring.

A good idea is an elegant necklace which accentuates the neck of a woman. There’s also nothing that brings more beauty than pearls to every look. If you want to add subtle glamour to your look, watch out for small-sized pearls on rings and hoop earrings with a pearl at the centre and more.

This season, the talk of the city is simple studs, pearl earrings, Swarovski. Reimagine with these sleek silhouettes your old string of pearls. This season, Crystal will rule as well. The classic pieces are getting a new makeover fitting for millennial women, from delicate pearl hoops to ear cuffs and bracelets.

3. Temple Styles

Still, passion beckons. Malayali brides have always loved temple jewellery, and the fact that they possess something special that the rest can not achieve is not to be denied; traditional elegance. For you to swoon over and buy, our showroom has a brilliant range of traditional temple jewellery.


This article reiterates our view that the 2020 trends in Indian jewellery are as complex as the top 3 styles it covers. Although there is certainly a passion for traditional designs, there is a slow but steady rise in appreciation for new , innovative jewellery.

In a couple of years, modern love may also surpass traditional love, but 2020 is certainly that year. You are in for a treat to discover designs that could take your breath away.

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