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Tips to Improve the Course Completion Rates of Your Employee Training

Employee Training

Organizations invest a lot of effort and money to provide the best training to their employees which would benefit both the organization and the employees. They want every employee to gain something out of it. However, to gain something, the employees need to first complete the course. Most people have all the enthusiasm in the world when they start the course but over time the interest diminishes.

Several factors influence their interest. Poor content, tight work schedules, and lack of motivation are a few factors leading to the disinterest of the learners. Thus, to counter this problem, find out where you are missing out and fix that issue as early as possible to minimize the damage. But what exactly should you fix? To find that out, keep reading the article.

1) Engaging content:

The most important factor to engage your learners is to create engaging training content. The content should be so engaging that the learner should get immersed in it. Use interactive videos, graphics and try to keep the content short. Carry the excitement and curiosity of the lecture from start to end. Relate the content with real-life scenarios and try to include humor with the content. All these tactics help to keep the learners hooked till the last minute.

2) Embrace microlearning:

Microlearning is nothing but a short-byte-sized learning module created especially to target the Millenials and Gen Z. The younger lot has very few attention spans due to the short-form content that’s available in social media. They want everything to be crisp, short, and effective at the same time. With microlearning, employees can learn whenever and wherever they want. With less content, they can retain the knowledge very easily as compared to long paragraphs.

3) Gamify the learning process:

Gamification is another effective way to engage your learners. Many learning management systems like Saba Cloud have interactive elements like badges, leaderboards, points, and rewards, etc. These elements create healthy competition among the learners as they compete with each other on leaderboards and for rewards. Everyone loves to be at the top, gamification acts as a medium to prove the talent and rank higher and gain rewards and points. Thus, gamification is an effective strategy to engage the learners with the content.

4) Set deadlines and reminders:

With busy work schedules, most people get carried away with their work. Unless there is a constant push from the management, it’s hard for them to voluntarily participate in the course. To counter this, set deadlines, email reminders, and calendars so that the training doesn’t take the back step. These official notifications on their mobiles will let them know that they need to attend the training at any cost. Go to the next phase of training only if the majority of the learners pass the previous assessment. In this way, there will be proper motivation for the learners.

5) Communicate with your learners:

Highlighting the outcomes and the importance of the course is very important to motivate your learners. Show them how much time, effort, and money is involved in creating the course. When the employees know that there is a lot at stake, they tend to perform better. Once the employees complete the course, send them a course completion certificate and a congratulatory message to acknowledge the achievement.

6) Remind them about their progress:

Conduct assessments every week to know the progress of the learner. If they attain fewer grades during the assessments, ask them if they are lagging. If they quote reasonable issues, fix them as early as possible. Such reminders on the learner’s progress will boost the course completion rates.


To wrap up, highlight the importance of the course and appreciate their achievements to encourage them to be involved with the course dedicatedly. We hope this article helps you to improve the course completion rates in your organization by implementing these strategies.

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