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Having been torn down with a fire or due to an unknown reason in early 1900s, Villa Volkmann vanished from the city silhouette. Its story got revived when its current investor, who had purchased the land in 2000, found an old postcard. The excavations and this postcard have served as the main references of these restitution projects.

In designing the landscape project, the historical value and aspects of the building along with the frontal view and flora of the Bosporus were taken as primary concerns.

Its investor plans to use the villa and its garden as a café-restaurant to host open air organizations. Therefore, the space has been designed to offer flexibility in order to enable usage through wintertime.


On the top level of the villa lays a café-bar, designed with a sliding system, which can be turned into a winter garden, optimally covering the garden space. The café-bar also serves as a panoramic terrace with a Bosporus view.


Lower level will be a winter garden, with a sliding & folding system, to be kept completely open throughout the summer. This space is designed in flexibility to enable hosting events in any season.


Benefiting from the level difference between the closed carpark and the open-air parking lot, window façade spans are kept on both facades of the building’s stone walls. This garage will receive natural light on the front and can also be used as an office and service space for the organization venue.


By using a lean geometry and a limited variety in all landscaping materials we aimed at avoiding creating a conceptual competition between the landscape and the villa and the among the stone walls of the building. In our own way, we paid respect to the history of the villa building.

The pattern to be embossed in marble with flat seashells -to be seen on the pedestrian area- is the original pattern found during the excavations.

The planting is planned solely with the plants natural flora on the Bosporus.


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