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The rear glass of the Google Pixel 4 XL falls off

google pixel 4xl

Do you have the Google Pixel 4 XL? If the rear glass falls off you are in the same situation as other users.

Buying a high-end phone means buying the best of the best on the market today. This does not mean that there are no flaws, that there always can be, but sometimes some are more noticeable than others. The screen is one of the critical points as well as the battery, but you should never neglect the chassis of the device. And we say this because those of Mountain View have to work hard so that something like the fall of the rear glass of the Pixel 4 XL does not happen to them in the future.

The Pixel 4 XL drops the rear glass

It is a fact that the construction materials are better the higher the segment of the phone you buy. The finishes are more careful in the highest levels and it shows at all levels. Better screens, cameras that capture everything you need in high quality and durable design construction. But sometimes not everything goes as it should and we have the clearest example now with the case of Google.

Turns out, according to what Engadget says, there are users who complain that the Pixel 4 XL suffers from a problem in its construction. Specifically, the back of the top model of the American firm falls. This is made of glass and apparently Reddit users are reporting this case. More and more are joining the thread of the problem and asking Google for explanations of why this occurs. Now, there is a case of a user who points out that he had to negotiate with the firm itself to repair the terminal even under warranty.

google pixcel 4xl

Battery heating?

There is still no official response from the company regarding this problem in the construction of the terminal. But this has not deterred users from giving their own proposals of what may happen. Most blame the battery, as the battery heats up and could peel off the glue that holds the two parts together. It is a possibility, although it is Google itself that must give explanations and a solution to users.

Anyway, this is the worst thing that could happen to the firm with the imminent arrival of the Pixel 4a model that we have talked about many times. We will see how events unfold and we will see if the firm gives an explanation to what is happening


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