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The Pros & Cons of Gun Control Legislation in the United States

Gun Control Legislation

American citizens own almost fifty-percent of the total number of guns globally, which is the highest number around the globe.

Gun ownership is a right permitted by the American Constitution under the Second Amendment. It states that “A well-regulated Local militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Recently, the debate on guns and gun control has been in the limelight and is a vast topic of discussion. In the past few months, students, journalists, media, and the general public have been writing gun control essay. Since the multiple shootings in the recent past, including two widespread mass shooting cases such as the one in Las Vegas and the one at the high school in Florida. Some people are opinionating that all guns should not be allowed in any case, get banned, and no one should have guns, and that will result in fewer homicides and mass shootings.

While on the other hand, some public members say that there should not be gun control because of the second amendment, self-defense, and safety. The Gun Control topic has been quite tense as there have been several protests and debates going around in the country’s communities. Another opinion came by that the semi-automatic rifles should not be banned because they are used as protection. Having them banned will not change the number of gun deaths in the long run as semi-automatic rifles are only used in a small fraction of the total amount of homicides.

Although around 90 percent of students in high school find themselves relatively safe in their schools. Contrarily, a significant number of pupils are concerned about the possibility of a mass shooting in their school or community (nearly 60 percent are concerned, reasonably worried, or very concerned).

According to the national poll conducted by Hamilton College’s Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center, in conjunction with Knowledge Networks of high school seniors, 65 percent of students feel it would be effortless to obtain a gun. Let’s read about the pros and cons of gun control latest law;

Supporting Viewpoints for Gun Control

Reducing Firearm-Related Death

One of the main reasons presented by defenders of gun control in the United States is a relatively simple one. Gun control laws eventually lessen deaths due to gun-related incidents. Between 1999 and 2013, there were around four and a 1/2 lacs gun-related deaths in the United States. Those were the leading cause of homicide-related deaths (66%) and the leading cause of suicide-related deaths (52.2%). Gun-related deaths were the 12th leading reason for overall deaths beating out liver disorders, deaths by fire, drowning, machinery accidents, and hypertension. The part that gun violence plays in so many life-losses and injuries every year is horrifying, especially when various studies have shown a large share of these deaths to be preventable with adequate gun control enactment.

Guarding Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic brutality is an especially common problem in the U.S, especially for women. The mere presence of a firearm during a domestic dispute increases a woman’s chance of being murdered by 500%. This statistic alone does not fully explain how many lives are lost in domestic violence incidents in the United States. It is especially so much more prevalent it is here than in other similarly wealthy and developed countries throughout the world.

According to the Journal of Trauma report in 2003, when compared with women in 23 other crowded high-income countries, women in the United States accounted for 86% of total firearm-related deaths. They were 11.4 times more likely to be sufferers of firearm-related killing.

After examining these statistics–and keeping in mind that 57% of mass firings involve domestic violence. Shockingly, 31 states allow adjudged stalkers to purchase firearms, and 41 states have no laws mandating convicted home abusers must surrender their firearms (Hemenway and Richardson, 2011).

Across the nation, lawmakers opposing enhanced gun control laws are turning a blind eye to a virtual pandemic of violence that women are facing at the hands of their stalkers and abusers. Through the implementation of more stringent requirements on gun ownership, especially regarding perpetrators of domestic brutality, countless lives will be protected. However, gun control not only serves to save thousands of people, but it also would severely diminish the significant societal costs associated with gun violence, especially at the high rate the United States currently has.

Objecting Perspectives for Gun Control

Right to Bear Arms

Perhaps the most popular of all discussions against expanding gun control and the changes in provided gun ownership that comes with it is the statement that the Second Amendment grants citizens the right to bear arms.

While this is not at face value questioned by proponents of gun control, the extent to which the public is allowed to arm themselves is heavily questioned. Supporters of the Second Amendment usually hold the belief that their right to own guns is absolute and includes all classes of weaponry and the ability to carry those weapons in public. While gun ownership is an American tradition older than the country itself, at the time of the enactment of our constitution, the country was in a far different place than it is today.

Having just successfully segregated from an oppressive government in England, a feat which militias formed by armed citizens played a vital role in accomplishing, the inclusion of

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

However, since then, firearms and the U.S itself has changed a lot. No longer are guns single-shot weapons with a long reload time, now semi-automatic rifles like those used in wartime disputes are available for purchase across the country. Plus, the availability of concealable firearms like handguns is a stark difference from the 18th and 19th-century weaponry. Regardless of how different societies and politics are today from the time of the United States’ founding, many see no reason that the interpretation of the right to bear arms should change. If you have been charged with a gun crime, you need the help of Wolfe & Stec Law Firm.

Increased Secret Terrorism

The second big reason is laws do not stop criminals and terrorists. Those people who argue against gun control feel that laws do not reduce gun violence. They think that the handiness of illegal guns makes it easy to engage in crimes regardless of limited or no access to licensed firearms. A 2016 news article states, most crimes are performed by those with access to illegal guns, and legal gun owners do only a small section of those crimes.” In approximately eight out of ten cases, the perpetrator was not a permitted gun owner but rather in illegal possession of a weapon that belonged to someone else.” (Ingraham)


So… That’s a long debate to continue.

Cutting the debate short, guns have an undeniable place in American society. A big thanks to the Second Amendment, the American public feels they have the right to own rifles to defend themselves and their families. Those that support gun possession due so because they want to feel safe. They believe possession of firearms allows them to prevent and deter crime as well as promote a feeling of security.

Those that support gun control see gun crime increasing in the United States and feel lax gun laws are at its center.

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