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The mobile maker HTC has come up with a new smartphone that can outsmart most of the other big brands in the market today. It has been loaded with new and unique features that even its rivals do not have, including its own Butterfly – most expensive Android smartphone by HTC. Let us take a look at the new features that has helped this phone set new standards in the mobile industry:

•       4MP Ultra Pixel Camera – HTC has embedded a 4MP camera in its new phone. Due to this, there is an increase in the pixel size and more light is captured. The Optical Image Stabilization and F2 lens, reduce the chances of blurry images and improve the low light imaging capability of the phone.

•       Android UI – Although HTC One runs on Android 4.1, its user interface is very much different from the usual Android experience. The OS has been layered with the most recent version of Sense UI, which enables the users to get a vertically scrollable home screen and view updates in tiles layout.

•       Highest Pixel Density – HTC One has a 4.7 inch Super LCD touch-screen that has a resolution of 1920x1080p. It also has the highest pixel density as compared to all the other smartphones. HTC One offers 468ppi while other major smartphones offer about 326ppi to 441ppi. Scratch resistant Infinity Glass has been placed in the phone to eliminate glare.

•       Speakers – Integration of the BoomSound technology in the stereo speakers boosts the audio quality in the two frontal speakers in the phone that deliver an output of 93 decibels. In order to deliver a superior headphone audio quality, HTC has used Beats Audio in the phone.

•       New Hardware Layout – In its new phone, HTC has eliminated the task switcher and used only two buttons to navigate the device, one for home and one for back. Long-pressing the back button opens the task manager, while single tab on the back button, will take the user one step back. The users can access the home screen by touching the home button once and long-pressing it will display the recently opened apps. The power button on the top is transparent and serves as an infra-red port to control TV.

•       TV Remote – The new HTC One is equipped with infra-red blaster that send signals to the TV, but this can be done only if the TV is compatible with the device. Once this has been set up, the phone gets a menu of the current programs on the TV. The app can be accessed and used as a remote to change channels, mute the sound etc.

•       Blinkfeed – Quite similar to the Flipboard, HTC One introduces BlinkFeed. The company has also partnered with a lot of newspapers and magazines to offer content from a single hub and giving the user a list of options to choose from. The users can also view updates on Facebook, Twitter, etc without leaving the application.

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