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The Most Popular Sneaker Brands In The World

The Most Popular Sneaker Brands In The World

For decades, sneakers have ruled supreme. Most people don’t wear them for sport and instead are solely for fashion; to wear with tailoring, to concerts, at work or any way that you please. There are numerous brands responsible for the world to be in love with trainers, so let’s talk about them. Here are just some of the most popular sneaker brands in the world and why they are the biggest brands out there right now.

1. Converse

Remaining unchanged for over a century, Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneakers were born in 1922 and are still ever-popular today. Nothing beats this versatile sneaker brand, from iconic high tops to classic low tops, loved by the whole world. From skaters to basketball players, Converse have combined technology with endless style. Converse is even now delivering futuristic sneaker designs to push the boundaries of footwear and what the brand can achieve.

With some hits and some misses, Converse has endured the test of time to become one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world, creating some staple pieces, including the Chuck Taylor All-Star High Top, Chuck Taylor Low Top in Black, Converse Run Star Hike and the memorable collaboration: Converse x Commes des Garçon.

Initially debuted in 1917 as an athletic sneaker, Converse used to be the number one shoe for basketball. Nowadays, most people wear these trainers for other reasons, such as paired with jeans and a comfy hoodie or even with a tailored suit for work. Amongst trainers, Converse ventured out into selling clothing and accessories worldwide.

2. Nike

Who hasn’t heard of the sports brand Nike? It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere nowadays without seeing someone wearing either Nike clothing or trainers. From world-class athletes and NBA courts to Fashion Week and Olympic tracks, it’s not surprising everyone wants a pair of the ‘Swoosh’s trainers’.

Founded in January 25th, 1964, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, ‘Nike’ is commonly mispronounced around the globe. The correct pronunciation is ‘ny-kee’, meaning the Greek goddess of victory. Originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the company changed its name to Nike in 1971 and is one of the world’s most valuable trademarks.

Nike sells footwear, clothing, and accessories in thousands of retailers around the world and employs over 76,000 people. With countless models being released over time, some of Nike’s most popular shoes are the classic Nike Air Force 1, the trendy Nike Air Max 1 and the basketball-loving Nike Air Jordan.

3. New Balance

Devoted sneakerheads think highly of New Balance trainers because they provide next-level comfort and endless style with a rich heritage in creating sports footwear. The brand was originally founded in 1906 as the ‘New Balance Arch Support Company’ by William J Riley – a British man based in Boston – and developed its first running shoe for a local running club known as the Boston Brown Bag Harriers in 1938.

Since then, the brand has become one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world. The history of New Balance is packed with some iconic models released over the years, from the 992 ‘dad shoe’ and the 80s influenced 574, which is a staple in the collection, through to the Gen-Z-championed 327 that offers a contemporary twist on heritage influenced sneakers.

This leading American brand has learn a bit about producing high quality footwear over the 116 years it’s been around, and today New Balance comfortably holds its own when going toe-to-toe with the likes of Nike, Adidas, and others, and also produces a full range of sports apparel.

4. Adidas

We don’t think that Adidas will ever go out of fashion because of its definitive technology and timeless style. During the 1950s, football players preferred Adidas trainers because they were lightweight and made from durable materials. Amongst sneakers, Adidas are one of the leading sports brands and sold its first tracksuit in 1967. Adidas is the short term of the founder name Adolf “Adi” Dassler. Shortly following World War I, the Dassler family started manufacturing shoes and little did they know that the brand would be one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world.

Over the years, Adidas has worked with a number of brand collaborators which include talented footballers, Bollywood superstars and world-famous gamers: Paul Pogba, Ranveer Singh, and Ninja. Since it was founded, this sneaker brand has released new Adidas collections and created some of the most iconic trainers in the world, including the Adidas Forest Hills, Adidas Ultraboost, Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Gazelle and Adidas Superstar. What remains the same on all of the pairs are the signature three stripes.

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