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The Key Features Of Healthy Gambler

Healthy Gambler

A healthy gambler is one who does not indulge in compulsive gambling and does not develop a gambling addiction of any kind. They can gamble whenever and wherever and are not affected by wins or losses and do not have to resist playing later on due to obsession of any kind.

A healthy gambler is mindful about reading through the Terms and Conditions across сasinos, looks for a legitimate and licensed gambling platform, understands the wagering needs, abides by the security policies, and follows the rules laid out by Responsible gambling. They are aware of the pitfalls associated with gambling and yet venture into games that are purely driven by luck.

Aware About Gambling Addiction

Healthy gamblers are well aware of gambling addiction and strictly avoid getting caught in the vicious cycle of addiction. They gamble thoughtfully and do it to spend leisure hours for entertainment purposes. The money they lose while gambling is treated as the cost of entertainment. Such gamblers have a spending limit that they never exceed and they also maintain a time limit for gambling which helps them keep it casual and safe.

Healthy gamblers know the consequences of gambling and expect to lose and are practical in nature. They avoid gambling via credit cards in order to maintain proper tracking of expenses. Such punters have a personal life that they maintain simultaneously and do not let it merge with gambling. In Spite of losing money while betting, they never extend money to make up for what they’ve already lost.

Healthy gamblers have other avenues of entertainment in their lives and gambling is not the only way for tackling stress or loneliness. One main thing that is important is to educate oneself about the adverse effects of gambling.

For the problem gamblers who do not have control over their gambling tendencies and are prone to run into major financial losses, Gamstop scheme by the UK is essential in such a situation. It is a self-exclusion program that promotes healthy gambling by blocking access to all the Gamstop registered UK sites. It offers time spans of 6 months, a year, or 5 years depending on the severity of the issue. Players often install software such as Gamban, Betfilter, Netnanny, Gamblock to restrict access to non GamStop casinos listed at which is the best gambling portal for self-excluded customers. This software restricts your access to gambling sites from your mobiles and laptops.

Treat Gambling As Entertainment

Most of the punters consider Gambling as a source of income which should not be the original purpose of the activity. Gambling provides an opportunity to challenge oneself, enjoy and take it as a breather from one’s hectic schedule.

For example, Football is one of the most popular sports in the UK. Many of the top-tier Football clubs have joined hands to support Gamstop. The Professional Footballers Association (BFA) has been functional in driving such campaigns along with clubs such as Luton Town Football Club and Middlesbrough Football Club. The Betting and gambling council (BGC) has put restrictions on gambling advertisements that could be associated with the English Premier League and the English Football League. These Ads which glorify Gambling and Casinos cannot be broadcasted to viewers below the age of 18.

Do Not Take Credit Cards While Gambling

Credit cards cause significant financial harm while gambling. Not using them would reduce the risks of harm to the gamblers from the money that they do not have.  Credit card usage increases the number of problem gamblers and debts for huge sums get accumulated due to the availability of this payment method.

Do Not Spend More Than Can Afford

One must always set spending limits while gambling in order to not lose track of his expenses. Problem gamblers are in trouble due to this sole purpose. Losing is a part of gambling and acceptance is important.

Losing and funding more in order to get it back leads to tremendous debts after a while that one cannot even afford to pay. This is one reason why most casino games have the “Max Bet” limit which is used to limit the maximum amount invested in a game.


Gambling is a harmless activity if treated correctly and not obsessed upon. Like any other entertainment form, this is a game of chance. If a person feels the compulsive need to gamble, they should start seeking expert guidance. Gamstop, GamBan, and GamCare forums are great places, to begin with.

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